JUST like other top single and ready to mingle female celebrities in Nollywood, Ebube Nwagbo didn’t choose to be in that league but she confirmed that she’s still waiting for the right man to come and sweep her off her feet.
In a recent interview, the Anambra State born diva, who was rumoured to have once wrecked the marriage of Kcee, the acclaimed ‘Limpopo’ master, made a hearty confession of how the thoughts of marriage scares her.
According to her, “I am still single because I am someone who has always believed in love. It is a big deal to me so if I have to do it, it has to be right. I am a strong believer in love. I get lots of proposals; it is so crazy I do not know who to give a chance to. I think it is a price I have to pay for stardom.
“Sometimes when anybody comes my way, I do not know who wants to be with me for the right reasons. I believe when that day comes, I will definitely figure out whom that person is. It is not easy.
“What I should be talking about is not relationship but marriage. I want to go into marriage and be in it forever. No one goes into marriage thinking of divorce, but it happens. We try our best.
“I think I am kind of scared, but I just have to give it a try whether I like it or not. It just has to happen and happen right; at the right time.”