More facts have emerged on the alleged involvement of the then Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of Ikoyi Police Station in the alleged brutalizing of a couple by a police corporal around Lekki area of Lagos State recently.
The driver of the private commercial car that drove the couple on the day of the incident identified as Ndubusi revealed to our correspondent on phone that the alleged DPO was not at the scene of the incident until when she was informed and hurriedly went there within a record of five minutes.
According to him, “It was the arrival of the DPO that saved the situation which could have been worse, because the couple held and fought with the policeman before the DPO came”.
“It started when I picked the man and the woman at Obalende and was on our way to Ikoyi when the policemen stopped my vehicle and questioned me on where I was heading to at the hour. The policeman later demanded for my particular, driver’s license and asked me to open my cab boot for checking.
“It was while this was going on that the woman in the vehicle started shouting that the policeman should allow them to go because he was delaying them. The policeman then flashed his torchlight on them, which made the woman to shout again, complaining that the car inner light was on and were disgusted at the policeman flashing the torch light on them.
“This made the policeman to become annoyed and asked the two of them to come out which they refused and the policeman had to drag the man out by force, which made the woman to come down and start to abuse him”.
According to him, “There was struggling between them and the policeman slapped the man who replied and the fight started between the couple and the policeman when the boot of the rifle carried by the policeman hit the man on the face and was bleeding”, he explained.
He stressed further that it was during the scuffle the DPO was called and she came immediately and separated them before demanding to know what caused the fight.
“She asked myself, the couple and the policeman to come to Ikoyi Police station for statement and later gave hospital papers to the couple to go for treatment at Police hospital, Falomo, while she ordered that the policeman uniform should be removed and be detained in the cell. There was nothing that concerned the DPO in the matter”, he remarked.
Similarly, a video recorded at the station and made available to our correspondent, showed how the couple was harassing the DPO because she collected the woman’s mobile phone that she claimed she used to record the incident and has sent it to her Pastor and other people.
The man was also showed how he was pointing finger at the DPO face who was cautioning him to behave and stop pointing finger to her face but to go and treat himself and his wife at hospital.