THE political landscape of Nigeria is undergoing transformation in planning, organization and implementation. This is what was aptly demonstrated in the just concluded state primaries and national conventions by the two major political parties in Nigeria.
The two presidential flag bearers are already known and tested leaders of this great country and their leadership track records is there to speak on their behalf in justifying their come back to power again.
The duos are congratulated for the landslide victory and success in their respective party convention. As worthy leaders, it’s expected that you refrain from confrontations, criticisms and calumny which is always the hallmark of African leaders at the electioneering campaign strategy against opponents, which may not work this time, because of the political education seriously on track in the country.
The elections should not in anyway be a do or die affairs, but an opportunity to be called to service of the people. This is why their vote must count for you to be legitimately elected. In the developed countries, election is an opportunity to provide service to the people. The elective offices are not for money making ventures, but a call to selfless service for your nation.
This is why there is no much agitation for power struggle, and the loss of election is never a serious issue. On like ours, it’s a means to amassing wealth and fame in the society. This time around, the music has changed.
The people are no longer looking at the immediate benefits from leaders, but long term benefits.
The people are now aware of their political rights and privileges in determining the choice of their leaders by choosing wisely the right leaders that can govern and manage the God giving resources to guarantee their future and the future of their children.
It is therefore advised that your political campaign strategies should be directed towards past achievements, while in office without sentiments or rancuor, but convincingly persuades the electorate why you should be voted as the president of Nigeria, come 2015 general election. You are expected to bring to the public purview your achievements during your previous stewardship as president and head of state.
Today, there is political paradigm shift, taking a cue from the just concluded state primaries and national conventions. The electorate are getting the understanding of the political games, thus politics is no longer business as usual. The period of money bags and political thuggery is becoming a history. The Nigerians are becoming trailblazers’ in cultivating the political attitude of imbibing global democratic culture.
The state primaries and national conventions were very well planned and organized election that ended peacefully contrary to the expectations of the sycophants. The outstanding success should be credited to the present government of the President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan for creating the conducive atmosphere for the opposition parties to actively participate in the democratic dispensation of the country.
However, as you plan and organize your electioneering campaign strategy, you should do as much as possible to carry the people along rather than unnecessary criticisms that may results in conflict, but be concerned with what your government will do to improve the living standard of people to become useful to themselves and our dear nation. The convincing presentation of your electioneering campaign manifestoes will go a long way to making electorates decide who should be their leaders to redeem Nigeria from unending doldrums to the promise land.
The electorates are going to judge and scrutinize your utterances during campaign rallies, if it befits the credentials of the global leaders. You must be forthright in your electioneering campaign speeches to determine our votes. The situation of the country presently needs courageous leaders to salvage the country from the dilemma, it is right now.
Such leaders should be identified by his/her campaign strategy whether as local government chairmen, state governors and assemblies, national assemblies or president, your words should be dignified, authentic, variable, and capable of carrying the ingredients of honesty and truth to encourage the people to vote for you.
The people are sick and tried of political innuendo, but, action that can bring the dividend of democracy to the people on the infrastructural developments, security, economic, education and employment. When your campaign compass is centred on the above mentioned issues, then convincingly people will confidently cast their vote for the right leaders of choice.