by  O.C. Madu

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EVER heard a little voice inside telling you to be, wary or advising you to just go for it? Whether it’s about your man, your children or your health, please, do not ignore that voice, it means that your intuition is at work.
Every intuitive, perception that a person has immediately forms a picture. The so called inner voice, the spiritual part of man, to which he can listen, is the intuitive perception. It is not without reason that people say. The first impression is always right.
Impression means intuitive impression, for example what a man, intuitively senses at a first meeting with a stranger can either be a kind of warning, to be kind of careful, which may even go as far as absolute repugnance or something pleasant mounting to a feeling of complete, affiliation. In some case, it may be different. If now, in the course of conversation or further intercourse, this impression is brushed aside or entirely effaced through the judgment of the intellect, so that thought arises that the original intuitively effaced through the judgment of the intellect, was wrong.
It almost invariably turns out at the end of such an acquaintance, that the very first intuition was the right one. And this often occurs to the bitter suffering of those who allowed their intellect to mislead them through the deceptive nature of other person.
It is absolutely impossible for the intuitive perception to err. How often man hears it said. In this or that matter, I allowed myself to be guided by my feelings and got into trouble.
Whenever, man is led astray, there are two reasons for these errors, either the intellect or the feeling. You don’t put your finger on it, but something doesn’t, feeling right or maybe, its not something but someone that’s the trouble,  there is nothing obviously offensive about them, but you feel uncomfortable even sitting in the same room, let alone striking up a conversion.
When Justina met her husband’s workmate Simon, at a social get together, she felt uneasy, although, she couldn’t pinpoint why. He was friendly and presentable, but something made her husband suggest inviting Simon for dinner a few weeks later, but she said “no”
It is easy to dismiss feeling like these as the product of an over-active imagination. But ignoring them is usually the last thing we should do, this is our intuition or “sixth sense” at  work. It is worth taking notice of.
In Justina’s case, a few months later, Simon was accused of sexual harassment by a female colleague. Justina thinks her intuition told her something the very first time she met Simon.
When To Trust Your Feeling- When  they relate to your personal safety. So, if you feel uneasy about a stranger or situation, act straight away. There is no harm done if you are wrong, a man you have never met won’t know. You crossed the road to avoid him. The intivtion picks up any intent in one’s eye.
When They Involve Your Children- Feeling of intuition involving parents and children are common place, mums often in intuitively know when their children are in trouble and that intuition seems to go on working when the kids had grown-up.
Incidence of mothers and their daughters picking up the phone to call each at the sametime are extremely common (Cassandra 2001).
I know of one mother who suddenly, felt her young baby was in danger, even though she was being looked after by her father, when she ran home to check, the  baby was silently chokingon a ballon and dad hadn’t noticed it maternal intuition can act as a kind of automatic radar, sensing danger even when you can’t see it
When they concern your health. You have no physical symptoms but you are sure your body is trying to tell you. Something its worth checking things out. Most doctors will take a patient seriously if they have a gut feeling something’s wrong (John, 2002) .
Mothers and children are a special example here may be nothing obviously wrong with a child but a mother will explain they perceive something is amiss and they are often right.
When To Wary: When it comes to our relationships we use intuition when we decide whether or not to accept a drink from a stranger in a bar. But while feeling of unease at this early stage could be telling you something important but wary of jumping to conclusions in more established relationships.
Often people will describe having a feeling that a partner is having an affairs just because you think someone is straying that isn’t necessarily the case, instead, she suggests evaluating, your relationship and looking for causes that could be sparking you concern.
When It Coues To Fond- According to nutritionists, there is no evidence that you intuitively eat foods that your body needs. You are more likely to want ice cream because you associate it with positive emotions rather than your body reaction to a need for calcium. But your intuition can warm you against poisonous food.
When Intuition Gets Composed With Apprehension- If  you have doubts about accepting a new job that seem ideal. It probably means you need to find out more about what it involves. Don’t fall into the trap of confusing intuition with natural apprehensive feeling or imagination. Self doubt is what usually tells you, you are not up to a job (Austin, 2004). Beware of fear of failure masquerading as intuition.
The so called “inner voices,” the spiritual part of man, call it small voice to which he can listen to is the intuition.
Rejoice that this treasure lies inviolable within you. It is of no importance whether you are esteemed by your neighbours or not, listen to the warning that assail you whether it is, in form of a terrible grief or great emotional upheaval, severe suffering or supreme pure joy, do not let them go by without profiting from it. They are aids which show you the way.
Every intuitive perception that a person has immediately forms a picture. In the formation of this picture the small brain or cerebellum participates as the bridge across which the soul controls the body. It is that part of the brain through which you receive your dreams. It is in turn connected with the frontal brain or cerebrum, through the activity of which thoughts are generated that are more closely tied to space and time and which eventually constitute the intellect (Abd-dru-shin- in The Light of Truth).
Intuition is thus, often received as a kind of inner perception sometimes, regarded as real lucidity or understanding. Intuition therefore, is the ability to acquire knowledge without inference or the use of reason. Intuition provides view, understandings, judgments or beliefs that we cannot in every case empirically verift or rationally justify. It is an irrational function, opposed most directly by sensation and opposed less strongly by the rational functions of thinking and feeling.
Jung defined intuition as perception via the unconscious using sense –perception only as a starting point, to bring forth ideas, images, possibilities, ways out of a blocked situation by a process that is mostly unconscious Peace and Joy.