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Every living thing is under the tutelage of a master who is indirectly influencing a rule over his subjects.
As a matter of truth, all living creatures, such as humans, animals, birds, ants, insects, fish and everything that has life in itself under the surface of the earth has a master over its life.
But the question is, how would you feel when you try to please your master by all means and it appears, your undaunted effort is not appreciated not even recognized? This ungrateful master I am referring to, keeps collecting and equally demanding for more every two to four hours each day and at all times but never comes to satisfactory level.
Even when he feels satisfied at a spot, the reaction posed by him to express his satisfaction is displayed in a negative form.
Disheartening, this master would bear a huge debt and his servants would not even be aware and even if they are aware, they are told at a later hour especially when the creditors are demanding for their credit and without negotiation or having a good report with his servants, he would order his subordinate to quickly pay for the debt he has owed in order for both of them to be free. Afterall, it is a popular saying that “whatever affects the eye automatically affects the nose”, because both have their dwelling in one particular domain.
Ladies and gentlemen, the ungrateful master I am talking about here is no other person than the man called “MR STOMACH”. The stomach which is referred to as the internal organ in which the first part of digestion occurs.
The stomach is also called the belly which has driven everyman both far and wide to work vehemently in order to satisfy his desire.
The reason everyman is working and engaging in all kinds of lucrative businesses is because of him.
But the most annoying thing with this master is the fact, that he does not appreciate men’s work. Just imagine an employee working for his employer and the man never shows gratitude over efforts invested by the employee, with such a person not be discouraged? When someone will never see good  in whatever you are doing, your trust in such person will be shaken and retracted.
Now patiently, I want us to understand the idea of who the stomach is to us humans and how ungrateful he appears. Can you remember how many times you have fed this stomach, can you picture the kind of food, you have consumed because of him? Can you remember how many times you eat a day just to satisfy this master and yet he keeps requesting for more?
There are times you will consume a whole lot of food and the stomach will respond by saying what my friend usually say that “you have done what napoleon could not do” but if you ask the exact thing that napoleon could not do, you will never get an answer to it.
He will allow you rest well as if that singular one you have given him would last him the whole day. But the truth is after 3 to 5 hours, the master would cry again to you saying, he has not gotten anything since morning and that, he need something to be alive.
One would be wondering the gravity of food he has consumed not quite long ago and where it has gone to, but master stomach will never accept the singular fact that you have served him by giving him a huge consumption.
If there be any need for remark, the belly will only respond sometimes negatively that, you have given him overdose of what he requested and immediately, starts punishing the individual by making him/her to experience excruciating pain, making the subject to regret ever feeding him.
I talked about the stomach being a debtor who owes debt without the knowledge of his servants until his creditors appears. When the creditors appears to demand the pay of their dept, master stomach will now give order to his servants to quickly go and rescue him by paying his debt or he will disgrace them, and servants who do not have a say of their own goes ahead to settle such bill in the white house.
Don’t be confused, when you feel pressed and you go into the toilet to pass out your excreta, you are paying the debt owed by your master the stomach. And if you pretend to show nonchalant attitude towards him when he is knocking at your door to rescue, he would disgrace you by making you to pollute the air anyhow in a way that you become so disgusting and uncomfortable and above all, you might end up excreting on yourself. So, it is better to respond to his clarion call, when the need arises.
Note “worthy about this master is that, he is no respecter of persons, be it small, big, governor, president, senator, white or even black, animals and every living thing that liveth upon the earth.
It is in a bid to satisfy this mater that people go into stealing, prostitution child abuse (human trafficking), drunkenness, to mention but a few. Do you also remember that, it was this ungrateful master that led to women eating up their own children as recorded in the Holy Bible of 2nd kings chapter 6 vs 28 and 29.
These women were not children but adult who had lived all their lives feeding their master the stomach even till adulthood. But due to some days of no food, this ugly master drove the two women to embark on a mission of eating their children of their own womb. The question is, what about the ones they have been eating since the day they were born till their present age? Couldn’t that have sustain them for years and keep master stomach under subjection and not wanting, anything again for the rest of his life?
But to let you know that this master is forever an ungrateful one, he displayed his ugly head in all ramification both at home, on the road, at work and even at the office, he is always found of complaining.
Have you ever experienced a situation where this man wakes you up from sleep? There are times you overload  him before going to bed but before the day breaks, he would be the first to wake you up as if, one embarked on a timber work overnight that made the food to disappear.
My fellow brothers and sisters, the whole essence of human existence and serious work is anchored on the great commission given to everyman by Mr. Stomach and man has no option order than to please him because he is  the master overseer. Mr stomach will owe a debt at the white house and expects his servants to go and pay for the debt without them knowing of it.
And that is why when people are really hungry, the rate at which they consume food is dependent on the nature of hunger that they are faced with not taking into consideration that the white house (Toilet) is waiting to collect its own.
As long as man continues to live on the surface of this earth, he will continue to pay his debt owned by his master the stomach at the white house (the toilet) on daily basis. And the truth of the payment of this debt is individual.
One cannot ask his friend to help him pay for the debt he has owned, neither, can you give your debt to your friend to pay for you.
But every man is mandated to go to the white house to give account of what his/her master has owned and this is done almost once or twice everyday and it will continue till when transition has taken place.
I think I would have to rest my case here, because he cannot be sued, no lawyer can appeal on one’s behalf because there is no court under heavens given among men whereby one can be saved order than to remain loyal.
Fear the master and obey his commandment in order to stay alive because he is just like the earth that can never be satisfied at swallowing everything that falls to the ground. It is the truth and there is nothing absolutely nothing to dispute about but the good news is that the Almighty God has prepared a day for his destruction. Hear what He says “food for the belly, belly for the food, all will be destroyed one day” and this will put an end to his ugly head.