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LADIES and gentlemen, we are preparing to make changes in Africa that will reverberate throughout the world. Africans should decrease their amount of travel to advanced nations such as the United States and Europe and focus on travel within our nations instead. Through tourism and educational programs in Africa, we will encourage all of the advanced nations citizens to start travelling to African countries to experience tourism, historical research, and educational programs.
The advanced nations should start traveling to African countries because there is a lot of information to be shared so we can learn from each other. If the advanced nations are  being blessed by the same god! I say; ‘Why aren’t the Africans leaders creating a similar atmosphere of prosperity?”
Nigerians all over the world should all come together to combine our efforts to become the leader of African nations in achieving this goal. Our identity and our children’s future depends on this. In most African nations we only have two social classes, the very rich and the very poor, there is no middle class to sustain and promote a healthy economy. We believe that through tourism and educational programs, all nations will become familiar with each other’s culture. This will help foster economic development through the influx of visitors who are visiting Nigeria.
We are planning to create and promote a student exchange program between the more advanced nations and African nations. The Student exchange programs between these nations will help to stop war by educating our younger generations that we are all working for peace under God. The exchange program will also help nations with their medical industry’s educational development by promoting wellness, awareness, and research. Students visiting for historical purposes can visit the historical areas of African History that changed the world to what it is today.
The All Dreams Foundation will begin this mission of worldwide peace and education for all. Our first meeting to promote discussions with citizens and leaders will be taking place in London, England January 2015. Please join us in London if possible. If not, we will keep you informed of all the details to this historic event.
If you want change, join us! The All Dreams Foundation in our mission to change the world. To start now you can like us on facebook, sign up for regular updates on our blog and newsletters at donate to our cause, or volunteer with us in working towords peace through tourism,