It Is A Time To Reflect On God’s Unconditional Love – Christiana Akhigbe
CHRISTMAS is not just about the celebrations, fanfare, spending time with loved ones, eating and drinking, it means a lot more than that to me. It is a time to reflect on God’s unconditional love, which he portrayed when he sent his only begotten son, Jesus Christ to die and save man from enternal doom. Before the birth of Jesus Christ, humans were far from God, this was because of the despicable sins they committed and at that time, the only way they could ask for forgiveness was to offer sacrifices to God but that wasn’t enough to redeem them. In order to redeem man and bring man closer to him, God sent his only Son Jesus Christ, who came to earth in human form to save mankind. The birth of Jesus Christ as an atonement for sin. It signifies God’s agape love for mankind.
However, Christmas is also a time to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ and to honour him the gift of salvation which man obtained on the cross of Calvary.

A time to show love and give hope to the hopeless – Abada Joy
IT is a time to remember the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ a time to remember the love, peace, and hope he brought into the world, a hope, and peace that He gave us as Christians, the joy to know someone was born for our sakes. Christmas is a time of reflection, it is not only a time to eat and drink, go around visiting friends, but it a time to show love and give hope to those that are hopeless. A time to share with people, not a time you eat alone but a time to impact on the life of someone, those you know and those you don’t know.
Christmas is a time of thanksgiving to God for keeping us alive, the saying of Benedict the XVI says’ “allow the love of God to come into your heart and experience the joy and hope which the newborn saviour brings into our world”.
Indeed it is a time of Joy, peace and hope because Christ brought all that into the world, for us to show it to others around us today.

A Time For Man To Reflect On The True Humility Of God – Kennedy Uorm
CHRISTMAS is an annual festival and celebration to commemorate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is dated  25th of December. Hence many religions  frown at it. Some say Jesus was not born on the 25th of December.  The controversy of whether Jesus was born on this day December 25, or not has been lingering for decades.
But whether his birth was on 25th of December or not, the period of Christmas his a time for sober reflection. It is a time  alives to the things of God.
The quality of true humility is one of the in dispensable fundamentals. Here we find simplicity, holiness and the renunciation of all desires.  For Christ was born unknown to the world and the Christ-spirit takes place in the  inwardness of man when there is total self-denial.

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It is day heaven open up for mankind – Ehis Okoroh
Christmas is such a wonderful Holiday, but actually Christmas day is Jesus Christ’s’ birthday. This day doesn’t mean giving out gifts, but to realize that this is the day God sent his only Son so that we might have salvation. This is what it’s suppose to mean, but we as a people made it seem like a day to give gifts and talk about Santa Claus when we really should be telling the children the true meaning of this day. Everything else is good the gift, the celebration but it’s good to remember the true meaning of Christmas. Dr. Myles Munroe of blessed memory once said, “When a purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable”. For me, Christmas is the most special time of the year. It’s the day heaven open up for mankind and other beings.
It’s getting in touch with loved ones, but one needs to carry that out all these through the year. Christmas is a time to thank the lord for what he has done for us in this earth. Christmas is a time of forgetting those bad feelings you might have about some one who have wronged you and forgive and forget.
Christmas is a time that I’ m able to spend with family and friends, catch up on old times I pray a lot during the Christmas season, giving my thanks to the lord because he is the reason for the season. It is a time to renew my mind. An un-renewed mind is that which lacks the knowledge of God’s word. A lack of knowledge about the word keeps us from maturing spiritually, because you only live once, but if you do it right it paves our way to Christ.
Christmas for me is a chance to experience God’s presence. It reminds me to appreciate His blessings and be thankful for them. This is the best time to share love and kindness to others and be an instrument of hope, love and peace.
It A Period Of Stock Taking – Joshua Igboanlen
Christmas has a lot of meaning. I regard Christmas as a reminder that God love me enough to come and get me. The creator becoming part of me for it is a time of looking backward remembering all the blessings of the past 12 months and time of expectancy, look forward to celebrate the first coming of Jesus, his sacrifice for human. It is a time of being thankful and getting ready for a new year. I love Christmas, the decorations, the Christmas songs and cards.
I love buying and wrapping presents for my family and friends. I also use the opportunity to tell people about the most wonderful thing I love most about Christmas and the love of Christ,
He was born in a dirty, smelly stable and yet He is the most important person to have been born, Jesus has been my greatest and best friend. He has never left me. He is always with me. How wonderful to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Christmas Unites The Church –    Sandra Odeh
Christmas is a unique day to me. It is also the day for Christians to remember the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ who came to die for our sins.
Christmas gives us the opportunities to come together after a long time and celebrate friends and family members.
Christmas to me is also the day we give to the less privilege. It is also the time we go to church to honour  Christ, thanking him for dying for our sins 2000 years ago. Christmas is also a season of joy, a time when God’s love is upon us. It is a time of heating and renewing our strength.