What inspired you in contesting for the senatorial seat?
My people called upon me to come out to serve them and I harkened to their voice. I have been a leader, a sponsor but when my people said come and go to the senate I have to listen to them.
What will be your main focus if eventually elected?
I am going to the senate to make laws for my people and for Nigeria in general. I have lots of legislative agenda. For example as a member of APC my legislative agenda must be in line with the manifestoes of my party. In the area of electricity, we know that despite the billions wasted in providing light there is still no light. So I am going to join other progressives in the senate to ensure that we will contribute to make laws that will improve electricity generation in this country. Our hospitals today are like dispensary we will also make laws to improve our primary health care in the country. In the area of water, of course, we will make laws to ensure there is pipe borne water in the country. We have unemployment which is a big problem today. We will try in conjunction with other progressives to make sure we enact laws that will see to its reduction. If we want to fight unemployment. There are no jobs that will take every body off the streets, so small and medium scale enterprises by the government will be put in place that will help in reducing unemployment in the country.
How do you plan to dislodge your opponent especially in Edo Central where PDP has held sway for about 16 years now?
My people called me to come and contest, I know definitely they will vote for me. I have been a grassroot politician for more than 20 years now. I have awarded scholarships and bursaries to indigent students, I have contributed in no small measure to the development of Esan land and I know my opponent has been away from this land. My contribution to the land today speaks for me more than anything else.
You were the one time president of Esan Youth Movement, what happened to the Movement?
Well, Esan Youth Movement is still there, because you don’t hear of the body’s day-to day activities does not mean it is no longer relevant. The Movement is to tackle issues that affect the youths in Esan land and when issues arise the Movement always tackles it. It is not like beer parlour organization that makes noise every day, you can only hear of it when there are serious issues to talk on.
There is this talk by your opponents that your party, APC, does not exist in Esan land, and so you have no chance against them. What is your reaction to this?
Within, you know this is a lie. The whole five local government areas in Esan land are controlled by APC, the counsellors are also members of APC. So when you have all chairmen from APC and counsellors APC, you will agree with me that Esan land is predominantly APC. Because you have few PDP here and there does not make Esan land PDP area. Well, PDP is known for rigging election but we are beginning to tame them now. That is why if you look at the last governorship elect APC won 18 over 18, look at the local government APC won all the five local governments. We are beginning to check them because we have detected how they rig. So, we will ensure they can no longer rig again in Esan land. This election will be the end of PDP in Esan land.
“Uzoya” has completely taken over your name. What is this phenomenon all about, what does it entail?
The royal fathers in Esan land collectively gave me the title, by then I did not know it was going to take over my real name. So, I thank the royal fathers for giving me the title. When translated it means, burden bearer.

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