THE grave, as defined by the dictionary, is a place for the burial of a corpse, especially beneath the ground. It is usually 3ft by 6ft in the ground, depending upon the size of the deceased. The synonyms are a burying place, crypt, mausoleum, pit, sepulcher, tomb or vault. In many communities graves are restricted to the cemetery while in others, people bury in homes or compounds. In the scriptures we have several references to the grave in one dimension or the other. In Hosea 13:14 we have as follows: “I will ransom them from the grave; I will redeem them from death: O death, I will be thy plagues; O grave, (will be thy destruction: repentance be hid from my eyes”. This is the promise of God to redeem people from the power of the grave. The grave could not hold Jesus Christ. I Corinthians 15:55 says “O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?” The grave has been rendered impotent by the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
The spiritual application of the fact that the grave could not hold Jesus Christ is that any of our virtues swallowed, buried or confisticated by the enemy is retrievable by the power of God. This chapter is designed to look at several scenerios of grave attacks and how to get out of them. Grave attack is the forceful burial, confistication, or caging of a person’s blessings by the enemy.
There are many virtues of people confisticated and buried. What are virtues in this context? They can mean advantages, assets, attributes, credit;
Your blessings can be buried by the enemy. Such blessings can be money, promotion, wealth, destiny, advantage, benefit, gain: these can be put spiritually in evil pots and buried. You must have heard of evil pots before, evil pots being dug up from offices, houses, unbuilt parcels of land, stores or stalls. These pots, when dug up, are found to contain assorted concoctions or strange objects. The unfortunate thing is that we spend most of our lives in the above-name places without realizing the danger we are living with:
A person can be caged or trapped by witchcraft burial. Witchcraft powers use unexpected objects to cage people. What is the meaning of caging? Caging is when a person, animal or an object is put in an enclosure, where freedom is restricted. For example, a dog may be put in a cage to restrict its movement. In witchcraft burial, objects like the following are used:
(i) Clocks- imposition of anticlockwise movement, vagabonage into people’s live
(ii) Wedding rings -attacks on marriage; married people who remove their rings in the night are risking.
(iii) Purse -attacks on prosperity.
(iv) Wedding -photographs -scattering of marriages.
(v) Coffins-attacks on glory and causing deaths.
Once the witchcraft powers have access to these things they use them to represent you in witchcraft burial. They often use objects you will least expect them to use. Hear what Jeremiah 22:26 —27 says about cages and traps: “And I will cast you out, and your mother that bore you, into another country, where you were not born; and there shall you die. But to the land whereto they desire to return, there shall they not return”.
Burial of animals is very dangerous. Demonic or satanic ministers may ask you to bury an animal or things to avert trouble or to experience personal blessing. These evil ministers do not tell you the true story. They turn round to deposit your glory into the animals and bury them. After the 2007 elections so-called defeated opponents went to court, we started to hear of some public functionaries going to occult people who prescribe burying of live cows or live human beings. These things may sound terrible but they are true in African countries.
A few testimonies recorded by several ministers of God will establish these things:
Testimony 1. A small girl of 13 years brought a pot to the office of man of God. With authority said — “Daddy is a dead, handsome man”. When asked what was inside the pot, she replied and named a piece of hair, a piece of clothing, some fingernails, all from her daddy. (Hair represents daddy’s glory; pieces of cloth represents shame; fingernails symbolize the labours of his hands); all now under attack. When asked how a solution could be found, she said a solution can be found if her father would give up the sin of anger and pray harder. She told the man of God that if the pot was broken or destroyed, another one can be prepared if he continues in the sin of anger;
Testimony 2. Three young ladies brought a pot to a man of God. When asked what was inside the pot, they laughed. When they were reluctant; the man of God decided to look inside, he saw a whitish substance. They told him that the white substance was sperm collected from some university men who jilted them. These men were said to have dated them and jilted them. These men were said to have proposed, made love and jilted them without knowing that they were not ordinary girls. When asked further what had happened since then, it was reported that two of the men had died while the third was made mad and was now roaming the streets!!!. The three girls gave their lives to Jesus Christ!
Testimony 3. A brother could not make it, as everything he handled turned into failure. Everything turned upside down, became confused and was tired of living. A friend told him of a forthcoming crusade and urged him to attend. He attended and was taught how to pray violent prayers. He continued to pray aggressively for some time. Then one night he had a dream during which an angel took him to a particular grave, tapped it three times, asked the occupant to come out and hand over what she took from him when she was alive. The woman came out and brought what looked like a chain and put it on the neck of the brother. Thereafter the life of this man changed for good
From these three testimonies we have seen witchcraft burial and confisticated blessings. When God intervenes in any matter the story changes. Blessings can be recovered from the grave even if the perpetrator is dead. This is what Hosea 13:14 is telling us.
Jesus Christ knew the power of the grave such that he descended into the tower part of the earth to set the captives free. Ephesians 4:9-10 says “(Now that he ascended, what is it but that he also descended first into the lower parts of the earth? He that descended is the same also that ascended up far above all heavens, that he might fill all things)”. Jesus Christ went into the lower parts of the earth to disarm principalities and powers and remove the keys of death and hell from them, Col. 2:15. The grave could not hold him. He came out. The grave has no power to hold your blessings any more because of the redemptive work of Jesus Christ. We must take the bull by the horn and command the grave to vomit our blessings.
How To Deal With Grave Attacks
1. Pray and ask for forgiveness for your sins and those of your forefathers.
2. Confess the following scriptures
Isaiah 49:15
Psalm 70:20
3. Prayer Points- Pray the following points with holy violence. Remember that when a physical earthquake happens the ground shakes and opens up. The same thing happens where spiritual earthquake occurs. Pray all the prayer points in the name of Jesus
(1) Divine earthquake shake the ground and release my buried blessings.
(2) O earth, O earth hear the word of God release my buried virtues.
(3) Power of the earth release my buried star by thunder by fire.
(4) Every grave dug for me swallow the digger.
(5) Every witchcraft burial organized for any blessing in my life — be reversed by fire.
(6) Any evil pot holding blessings — break by the thunder fire of God.
(7) Any evil pot cooking my glory — break.
(8) Any coffin carrying my blessings for burial — catch fire.
(9) Any evil minister ministering against my destiny — fall down and die.
(10) My buried – (select from the list below) — be vomited by fire
* virtues
* marriage
* promotion
* business
* finance
* certificate
* building project
* health
* fruit of the womb
* menses
* sperm
(11) Any object taken from me-(name) as representing me in witchcraft burial — catch fire
* photograph
* wall clock
* fingernails
* wedding rings
* purse
* piece of cloth
* piece of hair
blood sample
(12) As Lazarus was commanded by Jesus Christ to come out of the grave- my blessings  come out of the burial ground.
(13) Every power of the grave over my blessing be  destroyed.
(14) My blessings and virtues in the grave — received resurrection power.
(15) Any of my blessings buried in the river-(name it) near me — be vomited by divine quake
* river
* lake
* sea
(16) Any of my blessings buried in the rock or hill—be vomited by divine quake.
(17) Any effect of an animal sacrificed on my behalf – be cancelled by fire.
(18) Every enchantment against me in the ground — be vomited.
(19) Point to the ground and say You ground, open up and release blessings.
(20) Every satanic warehouse holding my blessings — catch fire.

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