In my previous write up, I discussed the importance and the application of the National Anthem as the bedrock of our nation’s development in our day to-day activities.
It is crucial to know that singing the National Anthem as a chorus is not good enough but understanding the words that make up the anthem is what will bring about development.
Each of the words embedded in the national anthem if strictly adhered to has a very good way of boosting the development we crave for in our dear nation
Furthermore, I have come to realize that the national pledge carries much better message just like the National Anthem when looked critically.
The first phrase or statement there says “I pledge to Nigeria my country”.
The word “pledge” means, a solemn promise, a valuable item given as a guarantee that a debt will be paid or a token of love or loyalty.
Therefore, when we say, we pledge to Nigeria our country, we are both making or we have both made a “solemn promise to the nation to do something for the advancement or growth of the nation.
It also shows, that a valuable item such as office or position has been given as a guarantee inform of a debt and that, such debt will be paid. Friends, the truth is a debt is a debt and if not paid, the fellow can never be free from such name until the debt in question is paid to the rightful owner which in this context refers to our dear nation Nigeria.
Another aspect of it says “a token of love or loyalty”. And when two persons are in love, they don’t engage in illicit activities that will endanger the lives of any of the parties so as not to offend each other.
Loyalty here signifies being firm and constant in one’s support.
Loyalty attracts obedience to the simple codes and conducts that guides our day-to-day activities within and around the country and even outside the country.
But today, it is very obvious that even everyone has become the abuser of the law including the law enforcement agencies.
I Pledge to Nigeria my country.
The statement here is a personal one. It is a promise made to one’s own country not any other country of the world. So everyone is owing this country a debt of commitment, loyalty and faithfulness that must be paid now or later.
The second phrase/statement as you might call it says.
“To be faithful, loyal and honest. Three key words were identified in this statement which are: faithful, loyal and honest.
Faithful means loyal, true to the facts or original. Don’t fabricate things, leave and place things the way they are, not turning black to white or calling blue red, faithfulness has to do with truth, sincerity both in word, in deed and in action, not deviating from the original as the case may be in all circumstances because everything counts before God.
Loyalty has been explained earlier as being submissive, respectful and humble to authorities as well as the rules that governs an organisation.
Honesty also deals with truthfulness, and sincerity which is fairly earned.
It is however very glaring that the three words highlighted are interwoven together, as both convey truth, sincerity which has their root installed in integrity that enhances development in a society and in a nation at large.
“To serve Nigeria with All my strength”, this is the third statement of the national pledge. The commitment and service here refers to a total one which encompasses “All” and when something has to do with “ALL”, it is nothing but ALL. Everyone is still guilty of this promise of total commitment and service to the nation. We all make this promise in our schools, in our offices, organisations etc. but are defaulters because no one is putting his/her utmost best in his/her services to the nation. No one is willing to do that which will ring about growth and development to the organisation he/she finds his/her self except for our selfish interest.
Let us all adhere to these promises that we have made to this country, let us not forget, that it is an oath that binds us together as a country which needs to be taken into serious consideration.
It is an oath we all have taken and we need to abide by its operatives by doing that which is entrenched in the law.
Therefore, it is expected of us all to put our collective strength together in order to achieve the desirable goal in this country and fight the evil that is parading itself as Boko Haram and corruption in general.
…”To defend our Unity”.
Defending our unity denotes saving the image of our dear nation by representing her well in all facets of life both within and outside the territorial jurisdiction of the country’s boundary.
Because united we stand, divided we fall, so there is an urgent call to raise our banner high all for the good of everyone.
…”And uphold our honour and glory” is another phrase that need to be understood because Nigeria has a glory, a country that was once identified as the Giant of Africa, is however far from that name rather it’s appears like the “ant of Africa due to the porous nature of government system practiced in the country that is filled with corruption and greed.
The glory of a nation is in its resources and Nigeria as a nation is endowed with so much natural resources that are poorly utilized by both the followers and the leaders. And if only these resources are well utilized, believe me, Nigeria will not just carry the image of the Giant of Africa but one of the strongest nations in the whole world competing with Russia, USA, China and other top nations of the world.
To uphold affirms confirming and supporting one another irrespective of religion, tribe and what have you but making or supporting people placed ahead of us in order to have a productive atmosphere for conducive living.
“So help me God” is the final of the whole matter. God is the author and finisher of everything, the beginning and also the end of life.
God will never help someone who is not willing to surrender. Because according to his words in Isaiah 1:19. He said “If you are willing and obedient, “you will eat the good of the land”. So there is a place for willingness and obedience, because it is one thing to be willing and it is another thing to be obedient.
Therefore, if everyone in this nation is ready to allow God to venture into their own affair of politics by allowing him teach them on how a nation can be governed, then our heavenly father will be fully involved in the affairs of this nation by fighting on its behalf, but no one is willing to allow Him have His way.
Because humans believe that anything that has to do with God involves spiritual, which they feel belongs to spiritual people and that politics belongs to people of the world, not godly people, not even God himself that created everything.
“So help me God can only come to pass if only the fellow seeking for help is ready to be helped. That individual needs to submit to his authority and government in order for him/her to get help from him.
God is our ever present help in time of need and in time of trouble because He made his benevolence known also in Matt 11:28 saying “Come unto me all ye that have laboured and are heavy laden for I will give you rest. He will make my burden light, lean of me for I am meek and lowly and you will find rest for your soul but unfortunately those who are seeking for help are asking the wrong people for help neglecting the helper himself who is ever ready to help.
Friends, a word they say is enough for the wise. There are a lot of things I could have said but you and I know what is good from what is bad. Let us learn to do our own part of the promises we make each day to this country in our schools, colleges, universities, offices, and everywhere we are been found to do one thing or the other towards promoting, helping one another and the advancement of the image of our county and the Host of Heaven governed by the Almighty God will be our guardian and our guide in bringing to pass our dreams for this Nation. Arise Nigeria.

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