ABUJA – Alhaji Abdullahi Ganduje, Kano state Deputy Governor, yesterday advocated for the building of stronger democratic institutions to move the country forward.
Ganduje told newsmen in an interview in Abuja that attaching too much importance to individuals or personalities would not sustain any society.
He said that building enduring institutions and systems remained key to Nigeria’s socio-political development and sustenance of its democratic structures.
Ganduje, who is also the All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship candidate in Kano state, said individuals in the system should rather strive to entrench a culture that would strengthen existing institutions.
He identified the absence of such strong systems and institutions as the factor behind the unhealthy relationship between some state governors and their deputies in the country.
He cited Kano state as a model, stressing that the healthy relationship that existed between the governor and his deputy had strengthened systems and institutions of governance in the state.
“When we came into office in 1999, we were coming from a background of a very long period of military rule in Nigeria and you will agree with me that the psyche at that time was quite different and challenging.
“This, however, did not affect the working relationship that existed between my boss and I, this is how it should be between a chief executive and his deputy.
“I feel satisfied working with a particular chief executive for almost 15 years in a civilian dispensation and we are still working harmoniously.
“If you look at what is happening in other states, there are state governors who have changed their deputies more than two times in a particular dispensation and this is not healthy in a democracy, it is a challenge to democracy especially in third world countries like Nigeria,’’ he said.
Ganduje said that building institutions of democracy that promotes healthy working relationships among the different arms and tiers of government must be encouraged and sustained where it is thriving.
He said governance and societal advancement is not all about the individual that initiates the brightest ideas but it is dependent on the system that would sustain the ideas.
The candidate urged state governors to develop cordial working relationships that would promote not just good governance but continuity in terms of ideas and programmes.
He said there was nothing wrong in seeking for change but that transition did not necessarily mean a change in personnel but the injection renewed vigour to sustain the ideas.
Ganduje said there would be fewer opportunities for rancour and negative politics at both state and federal levels if there was a strong bond between state governors and their deputies.
Ganduje served as deputy governor of Kano state under the Kwankwaso administration between 1999 and 2003.
He returned to the same office in 2011 as Kwankwaso’s deputy.