Gov Oshiomole
Gov Oshiomole

BENIN CITY – A Catholic Cleric, Reverend Father Andrew Obinyan has dismissed reports that Governor Oshiomhole’s aides attacked his Cleric brother at Ujogba in Edo Central.
Giving his homily at a mass on Tuesday, Father Obinyan who is the Parish Priest of St Albert’s Catholic Church, University of Benin said: “I heard in the news a report that a Catholic Priest in Esan Central of Edo State was grievously oppressed and beaten to a state of coma by aides of Governor Adams Oshiomhole.
“If I am sure of anything about Governor Oshiomhole, it is his reverential fear and respect for all ordained ministers especially Bishops, Priests, and Religious of the Catholic Church to which he proudly belongs. Governor Oshiomhole has maintained a very cordial relationship with Catholic Bishops, Priests and Laity beyond Benin City.“As a priest, I have an obligation, in conscience, based on privileged information, to let the public know that neither the Governor nor any of his aides was involved in such incident as reported. It was a tale concocted to drag the Holy Catholic Church into the fray of politics.”
The Cleric who admonished politicians to always say the truth at all times said: “we should never forget that God regards with extreme repugnance those who bear false witness against their neighbours for whatever reasons. Speaking the truth as it is, is one of the noblest virtues we should not expunge from our lips.
“What is happening, I suspect, is a reflection of the intensity of the wave of political sentiments in the state.
“I solemnly admonish all politicians, in charity not to condescend to the extent that their consciences can no longer control their thoughts, opinions and utterances. I also appeal to them, passionately, to leave the Catholic Church out of their political fray.
“As a Priest of God, I can vouch that Governor Adams Oshiomhole would never encourage anyone to beat up a Priest who gives him the Holy Communion.
“I recall that sometimes ago, a clergyman of high repute in the state had an embarrassing confrontation with some officials of the state on the road. I recall how the Governor was so disappointed and the officials were instantly reprimanded.
“Scoring political points should not compel anybody to proclaim as truth, what in his heart, he knows to be falsehood.
“May God help us to know the truth, because the scriptures say you shall know