Most Reverend Samuel Abidoye, Chairman and Spiritual Head, Cherubim and Seraphim Movement Church (CSMC) Worldwide, has tasked Nigerians to seek God’s intervention to curb insurgency in the country.
Abidoye’s call is contained in a New Year massage made available to newsmen in Bauchi.
He emphasised that Nigerians should embrace love as well as seek God’s intervention towards surmounting the current security challenges and other socio-economic problems confronting the country.
Abidoye observed that Nigeria was suffering from lack of love and harmony among her people.
He opined that the dearth of love among Nigerians had given birth to distrust, intolerance, hatred and unwarranted violence among the citizens of this country.
“The only solution to the problem is for each citizen to begin to see the next person as his or her brother or sister.
“This will make the essence of humanity to be experienced by all in the country, because the value of life would be appreciated by all as a result,” Abidoye added.
He pointed out that the activities of Boko Haram in the North East region was due to lost of humanity by Nigerians where they have sacrificed their humanity for avarice and self-centredness.
The cleric noted that “our existence as a nation would be meaningless if we cannot apply the significance of the teachings of Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad to our peculiar environment and circumstances.
“It is expected that the noble characteristics of Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad who lived peaceful lives.
“It beats imagination the way Nigerians behave, especially the level of intolerance, corruption and hatred being displayed in the country,” he said.
“According to him, the people in government continue to act as if the matter is just a minor one and they continue to spend our money like water while their fellow citizens are being slaughtered in sickening manner.
“The younger generation is too money conscious, they are ready to do anything to make money. No more restraint in their conducts,