AT last The EWOHIMI HOSPITAL has been commissioned by the Edo State Governor Comrade Adams Aliu Eric Oshiomhole.
There is the adage in Esan which says that, when the lizard falls from the topmost part of the palm tree, she looks all around her, unhurt, she nods her head and praises herself, since no one praised her.
There is also the parable that says, if a song is good, those who sing it will be many; therefore honour must be given to those whom honour is due.
The Clara Oshimohole General Hospital that has finally been commissioned was conceived by the good people of Okaigben Ewohimi in the year 1969 due to the inexplicable disregard for the community and Ewohimi in general.
The people of Okaigben embarked on the building of the cottage hospital, which plan was approved by the Ministry of Health in September 1971.
In 1975, Monday April 21st edition of the Nigerian Observer, the people of Okaigben took it upon themselves to launch the hospital fund, where they realized a total sum of N 7,000.00 (Seven Thousand Naira) only. The proposed project at that time was for the hospital, roads and the provision of scholarship award to deserving sons and daughters of the area.
The foundation of the Cottage Hospital which the Okaigben community started in 1969, was laid by His Excellency Prof. Ambrose Alli of Blessed Memory the then Governor of the defunct Bendel State, ably supported by His Royal Highness S.U. Enosegbe the Onojie of Ewohimi on the 5th May 1981 has now metamorphosed into General, Women and Children Care, Ewohimi General Hospital and finally now Clara Adams Oshiomhole Hospital. The people of Okaigben cannot be ignored; rather they need praise and encouragement for their doggedness, resilience and foresight.
The hospital was, almost abandoned and again the Okaigben people, who are never tired, set up a very special committee to do every thing possible to see the commissioning of the first phase by Col. Ogbeha in 1989. Dr. Stephany Udi Ighedosa headed that committee as the chairman and Elder Samuel Eboigbe as the secretary; other members of that very important committee were Andrew I. Oboh, late Alhaji Imarenezor, Peter Abhukhegbe and others.
It is very important to give Kudos to other prominent persons, dead or alive that made the hospital a reality today. These people made it possible for the approval to be given for the hospital.
First among these persons are Elder Robinson Odia, Late Wilson Enaiho, Late
Peter Abhulimhen, Mr. Johnson Ikhuriona, Late Anthony Enoredelumhin P.A.
Peter Odigie, Pa Okondo Akharo, Pa Agbrakhe, Hon. Joseph Odigie, the Secretary
Mr. Michael Okolo, Engr. Emma Aguele, Chief Solomon Aguele, Mr. Dennis
Usifoh, Prof. Emeritus. J.I. Okogun and several other persons whose names I cannot mention for space constraints.
. I know God in Heaven will remember them.
At the inception of collecting the money for the building of the hospital, men and women were levied as follows.
•   Men at home N 10.00
•    Low income N 20.00
•    High income N 40.00
•   Business people N 40.00
•   Women at home/abroad N 2.00
Now that the hospital has been commissioned, it has now become our hospital, Ewohimi General Hospital and now Sister Clara Oshiomhole General Hospital. But let it be known that those who reap where they did not sow, their conscience will always remind them that Okaigben people are strong and obstinate men and women who cannot be intimidated or undermined for any reason, Therefore they have to be given their due  recognition for the sake of posterity hence this narrative which gives the historical perspectives regarding the conception of the hospital in 1969.
Finally Okaigben people are happy that their initiative did not go in vain and therefore thanks to our son-in-law Comrade Adams Aliu Eric Oshiomhole for the upgrade and commissioning of the hospital.

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