The recent incessant killings of helpless and innocent Nigerians in the northern part of Nigeria called for overhauling of the security system across the country.
Many Nigerians have been sent to early graves for crime not committed or known. The security situation in the country  has grown beyond a child’s play.
The callous killings of innocent people in Jos, Plateau State indicate that the country is heading towards extinction or disintegration if the situation is not put under control now.
The northern elders and leaders seem not to be so bothered about the turn of events, rather they see it as President Goodluck Jonathan problem.
Given the dimension the terrorist attacks has taken, it could no longer be regarded as pure religious affairs, but pure terrorist attacks on vulnerable Nigerians with no just cause.
Property worth millions of naira have been destroyed by the dreaded Boko Haram sect, which scares foreign investors from investing in the northern part of Nigeria. Currently, the economy is at a sorry state. No thanks to the reign of insecurity in the land.
It is sad that the president is helpless and cannot stand firmly to protect Nigerians from these marauders. Even northerners are victims of these attacks in recent times.
The major problem of security failure is that the population of Nigeria has outgrown the members of security agencies across the country.
Although, some political observers assume that some powerful Nigerians are the sponsors of this terrorist group in order to make the country ungovernable for the president.
Most Southerners daily fleeing of the northern part, portends danger for our country All the efforts of the government to tackle this monster have not produced the desired result.
Even the recent appointment of a northerner as a Special Security Adviser to the president has not stopped the killings in the region, rather it has escalated the situation, which indicates that some powerful people do not want the present national leadership to exist.
I will not support the idea of government negotiating with the terrorists.
The government must check the influx of illegal immigrants who daily enter the country from our various porous borders. The federal government needs to improve on information technology by installing CCTVs to monitor illegal movement of arms and ammunitions across the country.  The Nigerian security agencies needed to be highly remunerated to avoid bribery and corruption. Youth unemployment should be directly tackled by all levels of government now.

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Looking at the security situation of the country, the country is facing a lot of challenges where killings and bombing of people and property in different sections of the country is not a big deal.
People at all levels of socio-economic status are not safe. Politicians, traditional title holders, businessmen at national and international levels, teachers, lecturers, students and pupils in different levels of institution in the country are not safe.
Bombings and destruction of places of worship, institution both formal and informal, business architectural settings, offices and media houses burnt. The civilians and the military as well as paramilitary offices are all at stake.
A lot of observations have been made on the issue by government and non- governmental organization but no solution has been totally made. Some Nigerians are of the view that, the level of insecurity in the country is linked with national and international terrorist group where financial and military support is given to the terrorists with a variety of weapons in various degrees.
Governmental, non-governmental organization, individuals and groups at national and international level should Endeavour to fetch out this country out of  the menace of insecurity. In addition to that, bribery, corruption, favoritism, nepotism and sectionalism must be eradicated in the country to ensure free movement of people and achieve the goal of peace and prosperity in the country.
In the same vein, the federal government must ensure that this critical insecurity menace should be directly or indirectly stopped in order to restore absolute peace and bring about development to the country and the people of the country.
Government at all level should endeavour to tackle the problems of selfishness among the government parastatals which usually and eventually yield to corruption and marginalization during performance of their official duties.
Moreover government should also  strive to provide enough and sophisticated security personal in order to tackle others security challenges, such as robbery, extortion, rape, kidnapping and hijacking people properties and ways of putting peoples life into series of problematic situation.
Lastly, Nigerian also need to absolutely cultivate the habit of security consciousness and rapidly report any equivocal security situation to the appropriate authority immediately.
We must join our efforts, hands and every affordable things in our capacity together in order  to bring back peace to Nigeria.