ABUJA – The General Secretary, Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), Dr Peter Ozo-Eson, yesterday in Abuja, said strike remained the last option to addressing industrial disputes in the country.
Ozo-Eson told newsmen in an interview that incessant strikes in the country were as a result of non-implementation of agreements reached between government and workers.
He, however, noted that “strike is always the last resort; what the worker has is his labour power and what distinguishes a worker from a slave is that he or she has the freedom to withdraw the labour power at any given time.
“When that freedom is not there, then you are no longer a worker but a slave and compulsorily, you must work.
“Therefore, the issue of strike in this country is unfortunate because people only hear when the announcement of strike is being made and not the procedures that led to the strike.’’
The general secretary said it was sad that the public did not take cognisance of meetings held before agreements were reached.
“The public does not hear of how many meetings have taken place and the agreements reached and the authorities’ refusal to implement them.’’
According to him, such meetings may go on for a year or two without public notice.