BENIN CITY – The General Overseer, Angel House Ministry, Prophet Sunday Abel Ajala, has said that in the year 2015,the World will face financial crisis while Nigerians will need to pray hard to avert political crisis that could threaten the unity of the country.
Speaking exclusively to The Nigerian OBSERVER on prophecies for 2015 in his office on Upper Erhunmwunse Street, Benin City, yesterday, Prophet Ajala stated that the global financial crisis that will hit everyone in 2015 would be such that the prices of goods, services and commodities will drop drastically, but there would be no much money to buy them because of the crisis, stressing that it calls for financial discipline.
“Anyone who decides to spend anyhow, or any nation or corporate entity that does not apply wisdom and fiscal discipline will become beggarly. So people should learn to spend wisely and maintain their finances in 2015.”
Secondly, Nigeria is likely to face political crisis in view of the fact that 2015 is an election year. There will be a serious political crisis occasioned by power tussle. It is going to be a case of one saying, ‘you want to be there, I also want to be there, if I do not get the power, then we will destroy the chair. But through serious prayers the political crisis can be averted,” Prophet Ajala submitted.
Prophet Ajala, however, cautioned Nigerians to team up as one indivisible entity to work towards maintaining peace and ensuring the unity of the country as that was the only way to prove sceptics wrong, particularly the United States, who say in 2015 Nigeria may be no more as the country might break up, arising from the political crisis that may erupt.
“There is a warning to all Nigerians. No one should join to support the division of this nation. Nigeria is one big nation, one government under one President. No Nigerian should allow the devil to use him/her to destroy “the Niger Bridge.” If that happens, and “ the Niger Bridge” goes down, Nigeria will be divided. So, we should all sit up and resist the devil.”
Quoting the bible book of Psalm 122, Prophet Ajala said the slogan of Angel House Ministry in 2015 was: “I am A Lion,” saying the Holy Spirit wants those who must enjoy 2015 to behave more like a lion. We must carry and exhibit lionic energy and traits. In year 2015, Nigerians must be a little bit aggressive and should not just say yes to everything that comes their way but must examine all spirits in order to survive year 2015.”