leavesHERBS have enormous magical power, as they hold the earth’s energy within them. Each herb has unique properties that can enhance one’s magical goals. Herbs also, may have medicinal properties. The magical practitioner can draw upon either aspect when performing spells.
Harvest herbs in the morning after the sun has dried the dew but before the heat of the day sets in. Use a sharp magical knife (a bolline) to cut herbs, the knife should be consecrated specifically, for this purpose.
Thank the plant for its gift and offer it something in return, perhaps some water, organic fertilizer or much harvest only the amount of herbs needed except when pruning the plants, to ensure healthy growth for the following season.
The most prevalent ingredients of magic spells are processed botanicals, especially dried plants, herbs and oils. Drying plants preserves them for extended use, allowing you to work with plants out of season and with those that cannot be grown in your region.
Dried botanicals frequently are sold already chopped, cut or powdered. As these actions usually need to be done before spell casting, purchasing botanicals that are ready to be used can save time and effort.  Leaves even chopped often retain their characteristics such as aroma and so are easily distinquishable.
Familarise yourself with herbs and other botanicals, know what they should look like and what they should smell like and you will be less likely to be fooled.
The origin of root and herbs sorcery is unknown, but the ancient Romans, Greeks, Celts, Druiels, Arabs, Eqyptians Chinese, Africans, Indians and others, knew of the magical powers of roots, barks herbs, plants, woods and berries.
Research shows that many herbs are mentioned in the Bible. Man has carried roots and herbs as anulets and talismans for protection against evil and many believe they can heal, bring good fortune, arouse a lover, bring back a wandering husband or wife and make wishes come true.
Remember, there are many different spells for most herbs and each root or herb can be used for various purposes, all of which cannot even begin to be mentioned here.
Research shows that many things have been placed on the earth for our use. One of the tools given to us are the plant medicines. Certain plants give up their lives so that we can use their smoke for prayers and cleansing and the aroma produced by these plants help us place ourselves in a different state of mind thus, bringing us into a deeper part of ourselves.
Then as we concentrate on what is happening, the scent may inspired memories, awaken the soul and give a sense of direction. Many cultures and religion use sacred smoke made from the plant medicines. This is called smudging in native America.
Herbs have been used from the beginning of time. Animals instinctively learned to use different plants for their own healing and strengthening. Man has also, used herbs to treat his illneses for thousands of years and the usage of herbs by humans has been documented in all major ancient civilization. Many people throughout the world, still continue to use herbs to benefit their lives.
Herbalists believe that herbs put the body in tune with nature and scientific studies are being done into the folklore of herbal uses to help develop new therapeutic medicines. It was the belief of the ancients that all things were connected with nature and universe and comprised of the four elements: fire, earth, air and water and the dual energies. Mascyline and Femine. It was also believed that all things were influenced by a particular planet and influenced by its respective qualities. The human body was seen as a miniature replica of solar system.
The doctrine of signatures is one aspect of herbal medicines. It is the traditional herbalist work that contend that every plant has a pattern which resembles a body, organ or physiological function and that these patterns act as a signal or sign as to the benefit the plant provides. For example tomatoes have four chambers and are red. The heart is red and has four chambers, therefore, tomatoes are indicated for the heart and blood problems.
Kidney beans look exactly like the human kidney, therefore, they are used to heal and help maintain kidney function. Ginseng root resembles the shape of a human body, therefore, it is believed gingseng is able to restore harmony to the entire body.
Research shows that the earliest herbal medicines were discovered by trial and error. Today, many traditionally used herbs have been put to the scientific test and many have proven to possess remarkable curative powers.
Herbs normally refer to simple plants that have seeds, leaves and flowers. Most of them are used to flavour food. They are also used as medicines and perfumes. Apart from all these use the herbs can be used for mental and spiritual healing as well.
Medicinal plants – The bark of willow trees contains large amounts of salicylic acid, which is the active metabolite of aspirin. Willow bark have been used for millennia as an effective pain reliever and fever reducer. Many of the pharmaceuticals currently available to physicians have a long history of use as herbal remedies including aspirin digitalis, quinine and opium.
The use of herbs to treat disease is almost universal among non industrialized societies and is often more affordable than purchasing expensive modern pharmaceuticals. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that 80 percent of the population of some Asian and African countries presently, use herbal medicine for some aspect of primary health care.
As our lifestyle is getting technological we are moving away from nature while we cannot escape from nature because we are part of nature. What nature has stored for us we have not yet fully explored. This fact can be disturbing points with humans. Certain European and oriented countries have been exploring the use of herbs and have been in practice, since the centuries, great work has been done which eluded the common man’s reach and knowledge with life on tech-route for every individual in the 21st century, human sufferings are coming out with different names. The basic herbs have the answer, the overall key has no side effects and effective remedy.
The remedies are in signature with nature which is the biggest plus point where no other medicine can claim these facts. The golden fact is the use of herbal treatment for any age groups.
Living foods are foods that are not changed by fire, artifical chemicals or by man.These include foods that retain their natural substances such as nuts, seeds, tubers, fruits, vegetable juices and all foods that are not denatured. When we take food into our bodies we generally take in fire, earth, air and mental elements which are enveloped in the food substances.
Air and water derangement are responsible for many of the sicknesses we are experiencing today. Medical science has done much to investigate the mechanisms behind disease, but it has only recently begun to study the reasons for people to stay healthy based on the food they eat.
Research shows that thousands of years ago, the ancient Egyptians had the unique perspective that human beings are more than flesh and blood, protein, fats and nucleic acids. They believed that the life force is part of the spirit that animates all living creatures. The radiance or frozen light that circulates in the body is a unique form of vibrational energy. This light energy is an aspect of human nature that is not taught.
The ancient Egyptians maintain that we are beings of energy and light. If this is true, then, it follows that our bodies can be affected by energy and light waves. With this, one can begin to comprehend the ways of choosing foods and medicines to maintain balanced health, instead of conventional approaches to nutrition such as counting vitamins, minerals, proteins, facts, calories etc, our African ancestors treated people with radiant food nutrition, also, called photobiogenics. Remember the molecular arrangement of the physical body is actually a complex network of interwoven energy fields of light.
The basic principles of natural healing, herbal healing in particular, is that man is a part of nature and can if given the right encouragement and support, heal himself. He can do this both emotionally using the principles of right living and the use of mild herbs and raw foods.
Peace and joy.