BENIN CITY – Edo State Commissioner for Health, Dr (Mrs) Aihanuwa Eregie has said that there has been no case of human involvement in Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) outbreak in Edo State so far.
In a state wide broadcast, Dr. Eregie said that although it has been announced that Edo State is involved in the current outbreak of Avian Influenza in Nigeria, the cases have all remained confined to birds and all the persons who had contact with affected birds have remained in good state of health.
Dr. Eregie expressed the urgent need for all to be extra vigilant in order to prevent human involvement in the Avian Influenza outbreak in the state, saying the disease primarily affects birds such as chicken and turkey which are contagious and can be transmitted to persons who come in contact with them.
According to her, Human Influenza is an epidemic prone viral infectious disease that is transmitted to humans from birds, adding that any infected person can infect others by direct close contact through body fluids and secretions.
The symptoms and signs of this disease, she said, include sudden onset of fever, cough and shortness of breath, weakness, headaches, diarrhea and sore throat.
To prevent human Influenza, the commissioner enjoined everyone to avoid close contact with infected birds (dead or alive) as well as infected persons, in addition to ensuring that poultry products, including eggs are properly cooked before eating.
She however advised that any suspicious case in the community should immediately reported to the nearest health facility or Disease Surveillance and Notification Officers at the Local Government Areas or the State Ministry of Health.
Dr. Eregie further stated that the Ministry and the health workers in the state, in collaboration with WHO and other partners are carrying out disease surveillance in all parts of the state to ensure early detection of any outbreak and timely containment and control.