CANCER The very word strikes fear into the hearts of most people. They find themselves waiting and secretly wondering, Will I get it? Will my family be stricken by it? And if you happen to be a take-action oriented person, you may even find yourself thinking, Is there anything I can do to keep from getting it?
Well, my friends, the good news is a resounding Yes, you can keep from getting cancer! Testimonies from around the world prove there is absolutely something you can do to lower your odds of getting this dreaded disease.
But first, let’s take a look at some startling information about this modem-day curse. The American Cancer Society’s annual estimate of new cancer cases and deaths projects there will be 1,372,910 new cancer cases in the United States in 2005 and
570,280 cancer deaths—or about 1,500 a day; that is over a half million people who will die from cancer in the United States
alone, making it the second leading cause of death after heart disease in this country Digestive cancers like colon cancer are very uncommon throughout much of Asia, but they are widespread in Western Europe and North America. Diet is suspected to be a big part of the cause.
Dr. Neal D. Barnard, President of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) says, “What seems to be going on is that the fatty foods—meats, dairy products, fried foods— tend to cause the hormones in a woman’s or man’s body to increase. I’m speaking about estrogen in women and testosterone in men—they increase when we have fattier diets, and, in turn, those hormonal surges can trigger the onset of cancer or cancer more likely to occur.” As a preacher, I have learned weigh the council I get from science against the Wisdom from another, even higher source. The Bible says, “Whatsoever
soweth, that shall he also reap” (Gal. 6:7b). It also says, “My People are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hos. 4:6a). So here, in the these very pages, 1 want to share with you some powerful knowledge-knowledge gained from those who have suffered what you, friends, surely seek to avoid. Remember, though, that “the great aim of education,” says author Dale Carnegie, “is not knowledge but action.”
After reading this book, it will be up to you to take what you have learned and change your life for the better. Here is One inspiring story from Jerrod Sessler of Seattle, Washington.
In 1998, Jerrod Sessler and his wife, Nikki, began a journey based on trusting the Lord’s will for their lives. They both gave up lucrative corporate jobs to start Hope4Youth, a nonprofit organization dedicated to sharing the gospel and encouraging young people. Jerrod also began pursuing one of his lifelong passions— NASCAR racing. They were a young couple in love, with dreams of someday having a family. For Jerrod and Nikki, life was good.
But by 1999, trouble was brewing. Jerrod had noticed a small mole on his back; it was itchy and irregularly shaped. He consulted a doctor, who told him not to worry about it. But the itching continued and Jerrod’s mother, a nurse, became concerned. She scheduled an appointment with a dermatologist—one look and the doctor decided the mole should be removed. Tissue samples sent for analysis revealed cancer, and Jerrod quickly found himself at a cancer care clinic at the University of Washington.
“It had spread,” explains Jerrod, “and at age 29, I was diagnosed with a melanoma about the size of a dime and more than two millimeters deep, which is really deep for melanoma. In fact, it had metastasized to the sentinel node.” The doctors gave Jerrod a 5 percent chance of living past his 30s if he had no treatment and a 20 percent chance of doing so with medical treatment. “Neither of those options held a lot of promise,” Jerrod says.
Oncologists focused on several different treatments, including taking the drug Interferon, well-known for its toxic side
“They said I would be sick for two years,” Jerrod remembers. Mother option was total body chemotherapy, in order to achieve what one doctor called “a clean sweep of your system.” doctors informed Jerrod and Nikki they would probably never have children and that Jerrod’s racing career would be short-lived.
Jerrod and Nikki were heartbroken by the diagnosis and shattered by the prognosis. Rather than follow the traditional treatments, however, they decided to take a different course of action. They remembered hearing about The Hallelujah Diet from a relative several years earlier. So, on Christmas Day 1999, Jerrod and Nikki sat down with family and friends and watched the How to Eliminate Sickness video by Rev. Malkmus. They prayed; then they made a critical decision—to give themselves a trial period of living The Hallelujah Lifestyle, while allowing the doctors to monitor the cancer.
“We immediately stopped eating meat and began eating a lot of salads,” says Jerrod. “I started drinking 32 ounces of carrot juice each day, and taking three tablespoons of a barley powder. In the first three months, I lost 40 pounds, and I felt better than I’d ever felt in my life.”
Along with the lifestyle change, Jerrod’s progress was continuously monitored. They kept appointments with a dermatolo gist and the oncologist, and Jerrod received a CAT scan at regular intervals over a two-year period. Within a year of implementing The Hallelujah Diet, his doctors were asking Jerrod what he was doing. “They saw I had lost weight, looked really healthy, and that my blood work looked great, but they couldn’t find anything On the CAT scan! By this time, my own doctor knew I had been following
The Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle and was privately very Supportive
Jerrod won the race for his life, and he beat his cancer.
After two years, Jerrod decided to discontinue the CAT Scans due to their possible toxic side effects. Friends, six years later he is still cancer-free!
The blessings of living The Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle continue today in the lives of Jerrod and his family. They now have three incredible “Hallelujah babies” Gabe, Farrell, and lake who love their fruits and vegetables. None of the children hay’ ever been sick or required any drugs. Jerrod continues the NASCAR driving and uses those activities as a platform to help him spread the word about God and The Hallelujah Diet.
“You know, the best thing I’ve noticed about living this lifestyle is how much more mental clarity I have. In fact,” Jerrod says, “all my relationships are better with my Lord, my Wile and my family. I would recommend this lifestyle to anybody”
That’s a wonderful story, isn’t it? But it’s not an uncommon one. Here at Hallelujah Acres, I’ve heard thousands of testimonies over the years with exciting outcomes similar to those of Jerrod. So why does The Hallelujah Diet give such spectacular results? The answer is simple: God designed our incredible physical bodies to run on and be nourished with a certain kind of fuel or food. When we put the proper fuel—living foods—into Our bodies, they run the way God designed them to run. When we put the wrong fuel—dead, processed, nutrient food—. into our bodies, they don’t run properly. It really is that basic and simple!
It makes me wonder.. when the immune system is depressed from a disease such as cancer, why would someone voluntary submit to suppressing the immune system further through the cut, burn, or poison methods so commonly used and accepted as a treatment?   If a doctor administers chemotherapy drugs to a healthy person, it makes them sick. So how can we think giving the same toxic drugs to a sick person would make them healthy?   It just doesn’t make sense. When these invasive techniques used, the body must divert valuable energy needed for healing the cancer in order to deal with what it sees as a threat to basic survival.
In the book Acres of Diamonds, we find the story of someone who went in search of wealth. He went all around the world an came back empty only to find an acre of diamonds in his own backyard.
For years, we have been searching for cures to our physical ills. We are so willing to go to a medical doctor and have poisonous drugs pumped into our bodies. we know are toxi4 yet we do it in an effort to correct a physical ill. We submitted that will burn a part of our body or surgery to cut out a tart of our body—all this in an effort to affect a cure! And to top  we are willing to spend all the money we have and all the one we don’t have in our search for a miracle cure.
All the while, built right inside each one of us is a self-healing mechanism called the immune system. Its only requirement is that we care for it by feeding it the right fuel, which will provide the nourishment it needs so the body can heal itself. That’s the way God designed it to function. It’s so simple. And as Rita of Maryville Tennessee discovered, it works.
Rita lived an average, normal life with her husband, Leon. She worked, attended church, and felt she was doing what was right in order to be healthy—at least as far as she was aware.
But life can sometimes turn on a dime and in 1999, Rita received devastating news from her doctor. A routine checkup revealed a lump in her breast. After a needle biopsy, Rita was told she had invasive duct cell carcinoma. Further tests revealed the cancer had metastasized to the bone—she had stage-four breast cancer. Rita’s doctors encouraged her to have chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. But even with treatments, they gave her only six months to two years to live.
“I started dying as soon as they told me I had only a few months to live,” Rita recalls. “It’s hard to describe what happens in your mind; you start believing what you’ve been told, and you begin to prepare for your death.”