So many people have perverted sex. There have always been rules and regulations concerning acceptable performance of sex before we were born. Some have perverted it to the extent of even sleeping with animals: What will you gain by doing this? Some also pervert it by sleeping with same sex. Still others with self (masturbation) and others using other organs of the body for sex. These and many more are what we see today. Our society has been corrupted by the so-called Western Civilization and it is destroying the moral standard in our society. Today, every shop in our cities where films are sold stock sexual films which are being patronized by our children. Females indulge in consummation of Narcotics, Cigarette, and Indian Hemps smoking. Nude dancing. Our society is growing worse and worse as the day goes by. Parents and governments must live up to their responsibility to stern the tide by taking positive action on this deadly plagues ravaging our society. The plague is un-African and must not be allowed to take root in our soil.
The extent of sexual perversion is reflected in the story told by a Christian brother. A friend looking dejected a week after marriage came for advice as to how to handle a problem created by his bride. She had asked the bridegroom to use his tongue to lick her private part. He said he refused. So his wife gave him that day as the last day for him to comply. This is very disgraceful to womanhood. Only under a spell can anybody comply with such a request and such a woman should be prayed for because she does not behave like a human being. If she is, she should have known what the tongue is meant for. May be you don’t know what the tongue is for. The tongue is to be used for such acts as
1. Tasting
2. Speaking
3. Praising God.
The tongue plays a significant role when eating. The tongue, by my own reasoning has no similarity with sexual organ and cannot perform that responsibility. Anyone demanding for such a thing should be brought for deliverance, counseling and prayers. The tongue is not for sexual performance either from man or woman.
Masturbating is another sexual perversion because sex is between two persons, male and female, not one person. Why must you masturbate in a world where women are available for marriage? Whatever sex organ God blesses you with is not for yourself. You need an opposite sex to make it work. Any other use of sex is outside Gods purpose for you. I have counseled with a masturbater and he told me that until he masturbates he is not sexually satisfied no matter how his wife tried to satisfy him on bed. He said he turned his wife to a sex machine in futile search for satisfaction and “I pity her but I don’t still feel satisfied until I masturbate. Pastor what do I do? He asked”. Several married men have told me this. All I do say to them is that they should pray and seek God’s help to stop it.
Lesbianism and Homosexuality
When talking about this, a lot of people think that it is merely done by white people. Others think it is unimaginable. But I tell you that this practice is happening here and it is very possible. A lot of people in our higher institutions, high school and working class are involved in this practice. The act of making love with same sex i.e woman to woman (lesbianism) and man to man (Homosexuality) is already existing here. All African and Bini Religion condemn this perversion and promiscuity. Again to sleep with an animal is a most dangerous problem in our society. I, therefore, call on clergy men, traditional rulers, religious leaders, government and parents to work together to fight this menace to sanitize our society.
Another aspect of sexual perversion is the sad practice in which young girls in their inordinate love for money succumb to the advances of old men of their fathers’ or grand fathers’ ages as lovers, spoiling their future. Old men who exploit such young girls are under God’s condemnation.
This is the trade of a prostitute i.e A Woman having sexual intercourse for money or commercial purpose. It is sad enough to see that this trade is invoke this days. There are so many instances one can sight. No Reasonable woman should degrade herself for any amount no matter what, sex should not be commercialize. It is meant to be for husband and wife for pleasure, procreation and for intimacy. These are the reasons for sex. Anyone who therefore commercialize it has therefore perverted the creator will and purpose. Several stories acted by the Nigerian Nollywood on how some men sent their wives and daughters to Europe Countries for prostitution. That is bad. Therefore advise women to resist this suggestions from both husband and Fathers. There are also women in the society who are self-styles sponsors to Europe Countries for prostitution. These behaviour is very inhuman to sponsor a fellow women for prostitution, is enslavement and I advise that women should resist this evil. Respect your body “Ashawo Nobe work.”
Dangers of Sexual Sin
1. Unwanted Pregnancy:- If a girl, not married, gets pregnant and if she is a student her career is damaged. If she resorts to abortion she becomes a murderer. If she decides to have the baby, she has a child outside wedlock. She has brought shame to her family.
2. Sexually Transmitted Diseases:- There are numerous sexually transmitted diseases in our days now. Remember condom guarantees only 70 percent. Not all diseases have cure for now. H.IV/AIDS has no CURE. Beware, be warned.
3. Shame:- For anyone caught in this practice, whether you pretend about this fact or not, there is shame for the person.
Your mates, and friends, may desert you.
4. Untimely Death:- So many people have died because they are either trying to get rid of a pregnancy or of an in curable disease (“Sex is worth waiting for”). Don’t die before your time.
God makes his law clear about sexual sins. The dos and don’ts about sex are contained in God’s word, for instance. God’s commands in Judaism are:
“Consecrate yourselves and be Holy, because I am the Lord your God. Keep my decrees and follow them. I am the Lord who makes you holy. If a man commits adultery with another man’s wife- with the wife of His neighbour-both the adulterer and adulteress must be put to death. If a man sleeps with his father’s wife… Both be put! to death… If a man (sleeps with his daughter in-law, both of them be put to death. If a man sleeps with a man as one with a woman, they must be put to Death..
If a man marries both a woman and her mother they must be burned in Fire…
If a man or woman has sexual relationship with an animal both the Human and animal must be put to death.
If a man marries his sister it is a disgrace. They must be cut off before the eyes of their people…
If a man lies with a woman during her monthly period both of them shall be cut off from their people. Lev. 20:7,8-10.
These commandments emphasize the seriousness with which sexual aberrations were treated in the ancient times and they must not be condoned in our days.