ABUJA – The Federal Government has deployed 32 volunteers to Tanzania to assist its education sector under the Technical Aid Corps (TAC) scheme for the African, Caribbean and Pacific countries.
The Director-General of TAC, Dr Pius Osunyikanmi, said this at a farewell ceremony for the volunteers in Abuja shortly before their departure.
He charged them to be good ambassadors of Nigeria while in Tanzania.
“You are just few among Nigerians chosen for this task. So you are carrying the Nigerian flag in a foreign land.
“As you go out there, may I charge you to be good ambassadors of Nigeria; as you go about your activities there you must do Nigeria proud.
“Anywhere you go in the Republic of Tanzania, you will be carrying the image of Nigeria. You must carry the banner of Nigeria very high,” he said.
Osunyikanmi also urged the volunteers to behave responsibly so as to reverse any misconception that might be held about Nigeria in their host country.
He urged them to desist from any act that could tarnish their image and the image of Nigeria.
“You will be interacting with the citizens of your host country at different levels; please stay away from the politics of Tanzania.
“Also stay away from any form of social vices in the land,” he advised them.
He assured the volunteers that the federal government would take adequate care of their welfare and security, particularly through prompt payment of their monthly allowances.
He also urged them to make the Nigerian Embassy in Tanzania their first contact in the event of any challenge.
Osunyikanm said their resettlement allowances had been paid and also advised them to leave their bank details in Nigeria with TAC for the payment of their onshore allowance.
Osunyikanmi was represented by Dr Oladele Abiodun, Director of Programmes, TAC.
Mr Patrick Francis, a volunteer who would teach Mathematics in Tanzania, said he would also help to raise the moral of the students.
Francis promised to discharge his duty exceptionally and be a good representative of Nigeria.
Another volunteer, Ms Nketololu Nkechi, who would teach Chemistry, said she would also focus on mentoring the girls.
“I can impact on the lives of the girls in several ways apart from teaching them chemistry,” Nkechi said.
Under the volunteer programme, Nigerian professionals in different disciplines are sent to African, Caribbean and Pacific countries who lack personnel in their disciplines for two years.