abuja – The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) SURE-P has embarked on the rehabilitation of some rural roads, to enable farmers to transport their farm produce to markets, its Project Manager, Mr. David Genda, has said.
Genda told newsmen in Abuja yesterday that FCT SURE-P had rehabilitated BCU Pai and Shetu roads in Kwali Area Council.
“Most of our rural areas have a potential that we have not been able to exploit because of the poor road network,” he said.
Genda said the rehabilitated road would enable farmers to take their produce to the city rather than allow middlemen rob them of their wealth.
“The farmers can sell their agricultural produce at a competitive price rather than at give way price.”
The project manager said that the programme would rehabilitate more roads in the FCT in 2015, adding that the projects would be in collaboration with the UK Department for International Development (DFID).
Genda said that the DFID would provide the technical support that would enable the programme to employ direct labour in the course of building the roads.
He said the rural settlers would be involved in the construction of the roads, to enable them to generate income for their families.
He also explained that SURE-P was in constant dialogue and collaboration with the area councils, to select the road to be rehabilitated.
“The area councils identify the very critical roads that need to be rehabilitated, then we inspect and agree to work on them with due consideration of the economic benefit of opening such roads.
“The FCT SURE-P picks up all the components that are contained in the national packet such as the social safety net programme, support to health and transport sectors, youth empowerment and capacity building among others,” Genda explained.