FEBRUARY 14 every year all over the world is celebrated as the lovers’ day. It is a day people all over the world are supposed to show real and undiluted love to humanity but those who do not know the significance of February 14 have used that day for doing something else , and something unimaginable. They have turned that great day to sex and immoral day, a day to get drunk, a day to celebrate promiscuity and pornography. However I know people who use February 14 to show real love to their family and friends. I belong to this class of people.
This is the reason why those who understand the meaning of love celebrated the fixing of Nigeria’s Presidential elections on February 14 2015. They have planned to use the opportunity to show love to the fatherland for the first time in the history of Nigeria. They were happy that God had a hand in working on those who took the decision to fix the Presidential election on February 14 2015. They planned to show love to Nigeria by getting it right on February 14 by picking the best President for Nigeria in times of trouble. That was the reason they coined the word FEBUHARI, meaning love Buhari, want Buhari and marry Buhari in February 14 language in Yoruba language. Like wildfire the acronym spread and stuck immediately. It soon became a household word. In the internet, FEBUHARI went viral and sunk in deeper. Now you can imagine how FEBUHARI fans felt when they shifted the election from February 14 to March 28 2015.
FEBUHARI fans wanted to use February 14 2015 elections to vote in a man that will restore trust, confidence and security in Nigeria. They wanted to make a statement that the people get the kind of leaders they deserve. They wanted to use their power of votes to stop weak leadership and enthrone strong leadership. They wanted to use FEBUHARI acronym to show red card to those who organized the shameless NIS recruitment exercise that led to the death of nearly 30 graduates across Nigeria. The FEBUHARI faithfuls wanted to use February 14 2015 to stop mediocrity, corruption and brigandage in Nigeria. They planned to use their votes to crush a leadership that left nearly 300 of our young girls in the hands of insurgents for 304 days. They planned to use their votes to vote for light, good education, good governance and good infrastructure. The FEBUHARIS planned to use all the energies at our disposal to confront history and consequently settle the case for quality leadership in Nigeria. They will not give up until they get what they want in Nigeria.
PDP and the handlers of President Jonathan saw the massive movement called the FEBUHARI train. They saw it coming and they noticed the momentum and the force driving the movement. It was an unstoppable movement that is approaching its destination with frightening speed. It was moving with supersonic speed to Saturday 14 February 2015 and it looked as if the case has been settled already. This made the powers that be uncomfortable and afraid. They hurriedly shifted the presidential election from February 14 to March 28 2015.
In their foolishness the hawks in PDP think they have pulled the rug from the feet of the FEBUHARIS. They think they have crushed their momentum and speed. No, they did not. They have not succeeded, and they did not make it. One door closes another opens. Yes they closed the doors for the FEBUHARIS but they have found new doors called MARCH4BUHARI on March 28 2015.
Now on Saturday March 28 2015 every adult, every mother, every father and every daughter or son above eighteen is expected to march for candidate Buhari the way they planned to FEBUHARI on February 14 2015. Those who think they are clever thought they can cover the sun with bare hands. They think they can stop a moving train with bare hands. They think they can stop the forces of history. They think they can reverse the hands of a moving clock.
In their own imaginations they figured that postponing the elections will give them more time to re-strategize on how to help themselves. In their wildest imaginations the horrible magicians in PDP think that FEBUHARI fans will vanish into the thin air. No, no, they did not and cannot. Rather we have seen an unprecedented upsurge in the demand for the MARCH4BUHARI on Saturday March 28 2015. Even PDP and President Jonathan have lost millions of followers because of this avoidable mistake. In the bid to try to gain sometime to reposition themselves they ended up shooting themselves on the foot. The MARCH4BUHARI has gained momentum and will surpass FEBUHARI in the weeks to come.
No one single leader has so divided Nigeria the way it is now since the end of the civil war in 1970. President Jonathan’s administration had divided Nigerians along ethnic, religious, cultural, and tribal lines. The actors in Nigeria are divided, the soldiers are divided, the police are divided, pastors are divided, DSS are divided, traders are divided, NLC is divided, the governor’s forum is divided, and even families are divided. This is where President Jonathan’s leadership has led us to. The MARCH4BUHARI will end all these divisions on Saturday March 28 2015. This is our chance! Grab

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