THERE is no better way to put the cause of the present political heat in the country except to situate it within the context of systemic rot which has overtime permeated every segment of the society with monumental negatives on the fortunes of Nigerians and with resultant implication on development aspiration of Nigeria.
Yes the people are tired of impunity in its most audacious manner. Yes it is true systemic rot equal impunity, impunity equal disenchantment, disenchantment equal call for change in leadership class, change in the present Nigeria’s social, political and economic aesthetics. We must however go about it with caution.
Why the word ‘caution’ might have been over flogged as the heat of the next general election tear through the most immune skin, many have failed to realize that the mythical “lovers day” may record account of how many foolish Nigerians will die (God forbid) for a change they would have achieved without even throwing a punch at anyone.
Sadly the Nigerian project has sailed to this part of the sea where everything moves in spiral of hate, blame game, blackmail, propaganda, individualism, which transcends the present administration. We are all trying to extricate ourselves from a system that has allowed impunity to give birth to fragmented interests, aspirations where only a ‘do or die’ approach is seen as the only alternative.
The game of hatred has been taken too far as Nigerians especially on social platforms are quick to insult and make threaten comments perceived to be contrary to their own interests. The hate game is so escalated that Nigerians are leaving their states of residence to their states of origin for fear of looming violence.
Yes, already people are moving in their doves across the country from the North to the South and from the South to the North. Already people are whispering what would happen once party A loses to party B. While the political gladiators are busy struggling to achieve their own ambition, hapless Nigerians are struggling to keep their heads on their shoulders.
The major people to however look out for are those in the middle of desperate politicians and fearful fleeing Nigerians. These class of Nigerians are the thugs who have been programed to light the match on the octane loaded society. They have been kept perpetually in need, blind to reasoning just for the lugubrious purpose of escalating the heat in times like this.
The thugs are indeed the resultant product of impunity. The feared violence is exactly what Nigeria will have to brace up to as fruit of a very bad system which has been created since independence of the country out of prebendal leadership class with very puerile understanding of leadership and nation building.
We do not need to physically vituperate drivel, we have a more potent power which is the right to vote. Stoning or booing the president does not make him less popular than he is presently but casts negative value at the opposition and at the same time disparages the position of president and not Jonathan as people may think.
On the other side also, the certificategate concerning Buhari and the myriads of arm chair computer analysts is a desperate attempt to vilify the APC candidate to reduce his chances at the polls. While such attempts at getting back at opponents in electioneering period like this is common, both side of the divide have failed to realize that electorates are matured enough to follow their own instinct.
What do we expect in the market of politics from the electorates perspective? The people will only shop for a candidate that has been consistent with a track record of championing uncommon administrative and financial discipline. Interestingly, every government in power is the enemy, hence the escalating demand for change. It is however not to say there are no reasons for the depleting fortunes of the ruling party.
While it is important to note that a ruling party cannot continue in an angle of projectile but due to the dynamic nature of man vary it, people believe the party relaxed on its unbroken record of winning elections since 1999. That perception is indeed the Achilles heels of the PDP. A veritable alternative with a Buhari perceived as discipline and incorruptible is holding the bastion of change.
Nigerians must therefore seek change from a wider perspective and not on the premise of ethnic religious coated Jonathan/Buhari divide but on the entire content and character of our political elites. If our vision is not expanded, perhaps change might become elusive and the spiral of blood for vengeance, for hate, will continue.
The 2015 elections will definitely mark the beginning of a new era where electorates are more interactive and politicians do not have to hypodermically dish out falsehood to sway the minds of the people. Henceforth leaders will rule knowing that the people are sacrosanct, leaders will rule knowing that financial discipline and administrative competence based on collective aspirations of Nigerians comes first.
Finally, Nigerians must realize that in all these, it is not worth the loss of a single soul. No politician is worth dying for, no group interest is worth your blood! Yes, change is sacrosanct, yet it must be executed with decorum. Unity of Nigeria must come first as we vote for whatever change in February 14th.

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