BENIN-CITY -Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State says Edo State Government will set up a commission of enquiry to ascertain the cause of the fire incident that occurred at Uselu Market assuring of Government support in mitigating the pains caused by the fire incident..
The Governor who gave this assurance yesterday while inspecting the market to ascertain the level of damage done said, “I heard about this incident while I was in Abuja and I decided that rather than rely on report let me see for myself what has happened and get first hand information from those of you who are the actual traders in this market.
“Like you have said, there is no electricity in this market and therefore we cannot say this is due to an electrical fault so it means somebody or something could have happened. We will set up an enquiry to look at the possible causes. We will take steps to find out if this is an act of sabotage or human negligence. Whatever it is, the government will get to the root of the matter but I do recognize that regardless of the cause, whether it is natural cause, man-made or deliberate, we will get to the root.
“I know that those whose things have been burnt will be counting their losses at a time when things are hard for the average Nigerians, I can imagine their pains when people watch all that they have in life burnt by fire. Government identifies with you, so let me ask you to be strong. I understand the pains in your heart. Be assured that we are with you at this hour; we identify with you, will support and help you to mitigate the pains of this loss.”
Oshiomhole continued, “Government will not abandon the people, we will stand by you in your hour of needs. Our partnership is not only when it is good but partnership for all season and we will identify with you at this hour and be assured of my support and best wishes.
“Like you said, what we don’t see, God sees and what we don’t know, God knows and those who do evil, God knows how to punish them and He knows how to reward those who do good but we will do our part. Edo State Government recognize that Market women are creating jobs as well raising the commercial life of this great kingdom of Benin so I fully sympathize with all those who lost their valuables in this very unfortunate incident”, he said.
Earlier, the spokesman on behalf of the traders thanked the Comrade Governor for his prompt response to ascertain the level of damage done and appealed to him to come to the aid of the traders in rebuilding their shops.

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