ABUJA – Rev. Fr. Peter Atsewe, a Catholic Priest, has advised politicians to tell the truth to the electorate in their campaigns and also endeavour to fulfil their electoral promises.
Atsewe gave the advice in his sermon at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish, Gwarimpa, Abuja, on Sunday with the theme “Be like Jesus’’.
The priest said that Jesus spoke the truth at all times and taught with authority without compromising.
“Politicians should tell the truth to the electorate and reflect the life of Christ in their calling of serving the people.
“It is not the politicians alone that are called to be truthful but all of us in our various callings and vocations should emulate Christ.
“No matter where we find ourselves, in politics, in our offices, markets, homes and anywhere; we should emulate Jesus Christ,’’ he charged.
According to him, telling the truth is the only way people can be trusted.
The priest, however, urged Christians to take their spiritual life seriously by being prayerful and seek to be in the presence of God.
He said: “Your spiritual lives have to be serious less you will be vulnerable to the attacks of the evil spirits and the enemies.
“Make it a habit of being in the presence of God (prayerful) and that will make you radiate His glory and by so doing shielding you from the enemies,’’ the priest said.
Atsewe, however, recalled the experience of curbing Ebola in the country, saying people were cautious of washing their hands and exchanging hand-shake.
“Even in the Church; everybody was careful of hand shake and because of the efforts we made, God helped the country to tackle the virus.
“Similarly, we need to take our Christian lives seriously and run away from sins and anything that will affect our relationship with God,’’ he said.