JOSE Mourinho has pleaded with referees to protect Eden Hazard better by brandishing more yellow cards to those that “dangerously” foul him.
The Belgian is statistically the most fouled player in both the Premier League and Champions League this season and was awarded nine free kicks during Chelsea’s round-of-16 first-leg clash with Paris Saint-Germain on Tuesday.
And Mourinho has again urged referees to give Hazard more protection by booking those who target him.
“I know Hazard is the most fouled player, but he is not the player that as a consequence of that creates more cards for the opponent,” the Blues boss told reporters.
“Normally, you get 100 fouls and the opponents will get a certain percentage of yellow cards. So if he is the most fouled player, he should be the player that creates more cards for the opponent but he isn’t.
“I know who is, but I don’t say names because maybe the ones are the ones that want that and Eden doesn’t want that. He wants to play. He doesn’t want people to get cards and people to get a red card.
“I’m proud of him for being honest on the pitch and I leave it with the authorities to do something about the rest.
“Referees have to understand that sometimes little fouls are big fouls in the context of the game. A player that is a specialist in stopping counter-attacks. The team loses the ball, he makes the foul. It is a small foul, but it stops the counter-attack. And I think Eden is punished in both ways.
“If you see the game in Paris, he had nine fouls, but three of them were very bad fouls. Very dangerous fouls and nothing.”
The Portuguese coach added that Hazard has asked for special shin pads which cover the back of his legs as well as the front to protect him.
“Eden told me to speak with my friends who make the carbon shin pads,” he said.
“I am not joking. He told me to speak with them because I am friends with the guy, to try to make it also for the back of his calves. Like a horse. Because now he gets kicked behind his legs too.”