Abuja – Dr Ogechi Anaele, a general medical practitioner with Sami Wadata Clinic, Abuja, has advised Nigerians to embrace comprehensive medical exam because it is covered by the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).
Anaele told newsmen that comprehensive medical exam was a healthcare benefit package under the NHIS.
Anaele said NHIS had different levels of check-up and that the healthcare plan was divided into the primary, secondary and tertiary plans.
According to her, different hospitals operate different plans.
She explained that the primary health care plan was mainly operated by small private hospitals which only handled basic tests, such as malaria test and widal urinalysis.
“Some hospitals handle secondary health plan such as maternity care and preventive care.
“The government hospitals handle tertiary issues such as patients with uncontrolled hypertension and diabetes because they need a specialist review,” she explained.
Anaele said: “It is necessary to go for medical check-up because even the non-government worker such as the mechanic would need the NHIS coverage.
“It is important for people to be aware and make use of the opportunity offered by the scheme,’’ said the medical expert.