ABUJA – Some Disc Jockeys (DJs) in Abuja have complained about the low earnings from their business, saying that Masters of Ceremony and other artists were better paid.
The DJs, in separate interviews with newsmen decried that even though they make the microphones available to the MCs and other artists such as musicians, dancers and comedians, they were not well paid.
Mr Ajakaiye Alexander alias DJ Alex (Unpredictable), who plays for Ray power FM in Abuja told newsmen that he was not happy about the development because in the entertainment world DJs were not valued like other artists.
“It does not feel right to see yourself doing something good yet you are not well paid.
“We work very hard to mixed good music for the pleasure of our customers and for the public.
“Yet we are not recognised or are being paid very well like others in the entertainment world,’’ he said.
Mr Tade Adeyemi, alias DJ Cool, who is the President of DJs Association, FCT, said that there had been a high rate of discrimination by event owners toward DJs.
“You discover that when there is an event coming up, DJs are always the last persons the owner of the event remembers to contact.
“What always comes to their minds first are the event planners, food, MC, etc before they will now remember that they need DJ,’’ he said.
Dj Cool noted that without the DJ in an event, the party could not be completed.
“Without DJ in an event, is like soup without salt, you know, to make good soup you need a salt to make the taste complete.
“You need the DJs to give you good music for your event to be complete.
“So, I see no reason why DJs will not be paid more,“ he said.
Adeyemi said that the association was formed to try to address these issues.