THE All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate to the Esan West/Esan Central/Igueben Federal constituency, Gideon Obhakhan has reiterated his desire to improve the fortunes of the youths in his constituency when elected into the House of Representatives in the forthcoming election. Obhakhan made this known during a Town Hall meeting with the youths of his constituency at Ambrose Alli Hall, Ekpoma, tagged: Gideon Obhakhan Town Hall meeting with Youths. The hall which was filled to capacity had youths from the three local governments that make up the federal constituency.
According to him, the meeting was to discuss with them, feel their pulse and gauge their opinion concerning their  yearnings.
He said it was pathetic seeing the number of graduates (youths) roaming the streets without visible means of livelihood.
He attributed this to the mismanagement of the economy by the ruling class, which has consistently stolen the common wealth of the nation over the years. He declared this was what APC as a party wanted to change — from the old order of doing things to a new one.
“Parents suffer to train children but unfortunately after graduation no jobs available for them thereby making them still depend on their parents for survival. This is the situation I want to change and what the party stands for. If I go to the House I will support the interest of the youths with other progressive minds to enact laws to care for youths”, he declared.
Obhakhan, who fielded questions from the youths on various subjects, said one of the reasons for contesting was not just for the sake of power but to impact and empower his consistency, having watched the low quality of representative from the zone for the past 16 years, while lamenting the situation where the system has been monetized, noting “it is shameful the quality of leadership from the zone overtime”
He challenged his opponent in the election to a debate, saying he was prepared any day any time, his opponent chooses.
“I challenge my opponent to also come to Town Hall meeting for a debate. I know I am ahead of them. I don’t want to earn votes I don’t deserve. This is the time to say no to politics of rice, of onions, of N1, 000. This has to stop. I won’t have risen to the position of General Manager at MTN if I was not given the opportunity as a youth. I am not going to the House to look for money if it was money I needed, I won’t have resigned as G M where everything is paid for by the company. If at the end you think lam not qualified, don’t vote for me”, he told the youths.
The young looking candidate boosted that if he lost the election honourably he would celebrate.
Meanwhile, the meeting was spiced with entertainment. A performance from look-alike music act, Terry G, enlivened the session to a boiling point. There were also performances from other up and coming music acts to the delight of the youths.