During my secondary school days some years ago, there was a story of a madman in one of the literature books we read “WILL TOMORROW EVER COME?” this madman was said to have been coming to a particular rich man’s house for arms. The madman came on Monday, he was asked to come tomorrow Tuesday which he did. On arrival, he was again asked to come tomorrow Wednesday which he also did repeatedly until Sunday when the rich man again asked him to come tomorrow Monday. The madman then asked the rich man when will tomorrow ever come? This is the scenario of INEC postponement of the general elections earlier scheduled for February 14, 2015.
I know my story may sound so funny with the issues I’m about to discus here. Before now, I had written an article titled “Nigeria a country with many surprises” a country where a minister bought two cars with N250 million, a country where a prisoner who was accused of murder won an election while he was still in prison, a country where 16 is more than 19 and here is another surprise a country where elections can be postponed few days to without considering the implications just because somebody is afraid of defeat and hoping that March 28 will never come as the rich man was asking the madman to continue to come tomorrow. Would they still postpone it again if those reasons given are not meant before March 28 and April 11, 2015? These are some of the questions we need to ask.
With the shift in dates, there are clear indications that PDP would try every possible means to perfect their plans of rigging the elections. But the question is that will the six weeks be enough for INEC to start all over again like printing of materials to accommodate the new dates in the ballot papers for the elections? Or for those who have not collected their PVCs to do so. The major problem of PDP is not the issue of security or collection of PVCs but the issue of card reader being introduced by INEC chairman, Prof. Attahiru Jega. It was alleged that most of those uncollected PVCs are for those who may have registered twice with different names in order to rig the elections. If for example 50 million people registered and 45 million collected their PVCs, was that not enough to conduct elections? The remaining 5 million may have been for those who are dead by now or out of the country since the past years they were registered and for those who are not willing to collect it.
If those that are aspiring to be the next governor of the state are being accused by youths and members of the same party of embezzlement and insincerity, one begins to wonder what will happen to the entire state if they are eventually elected as the governor. In as much as I would not allow that to border me much, but if I may ask, wouldn’t that 1.2 billion naira be enough to give to the contractors handling Benin-Auchi-Abuja road to complete the work for the benefit of the common man especially the one handling that of Ewu-Agbede-Auchi part of the road which has since been abandoned by the contractor as a result of lack of payment mobilization by the federal government. But the president has 1.2 billion naira allegedly given to Edo state chapter of PDP alone for his presidential rally, who knows how much he has been giving to other states for similar rallies.
This is the reason why the thieves, the corrupt, the demons, jezebels and all the monsters in Nigeria will not sleep until Buhari is out of the way for them to continue the business as usual. Check the newspapers, the TV stations, radio stations etc and you will at once notice that the common project is to find everything that is bad under the sun and hang it on the neck of the retired general. They all have a thousand and one reasons to demonize and pull down Gen. Buhari so that the business will continue as usual. They place adverts and documentaries that make no meaning to anybody except those placing them. When there are no lies to use against Buhari, they try to manufacture as many as possible and dish them out to the political space. The more they do this the more it becomes obvious that Nigeria needs Gen. Buhari to rise again. The more those who seek to destroy Buhari’s work, the more his popularity grows a million times. The more they throw mud at him the more cleaner the man becomes in the eyes of the ordinary Nigerians who desire change at all cost.
If you are privileged to know the billions going to the pastors and the so called Men of God, you may not go too far to understand why they are falling over themselves to accuse Buhari of planning to Islamize Nigeria if elected president. If your eyes are wider enough to see the rot some government officials especially at the federal level have brought to the land, you will at once understand why they want the soft and weak Jonathan to continue in office. If you are clever enough to know the billions of dollars Jonathan’s administration has invested in the power sector without anything to show for it in sixteen years, you will then realize why the fear of Buhari is now the beginning of wisdom in Nigeria. If you know the level of corruption being condoned by this administration in Abuja, you will further understand why they want President Jonathan to continue forever.
But the thieves have stolen enough for the owners to take notice. They have taken enough for themselves, for their children, their grand children and great grand children and yet they cannot say enough is enough. Gen. Buhari is coming to put a stop to this endless corruption and impunity. Gen Buhari is coming to build the battered and badly managed Nigerian Army which was once one of the best standing Armies in Africa. Buhari is coming to unite Nigerians. Gen. Buhari is coming to restore sanity in the land. He is coming to stop the oil thieves and the political traders in the seat of power. The retired general is coming to restore the dignity of Nigeria and Nigerians in the comity of nations.
To tell you how desperate and confused PDP people are to remain in power, they have shifted their accusations from Gen. Buhari and to face Prof. Jega of bias but when Jega conducted 2011 elections won by President Jonathan, Jega was seen to be the best umpire ever conducted elections in Nigeria. But now people are afraid of Buhari, will it be wrong if Gen. Buhari jail people like Allison Maduekwe, Stella Oduah, Wike, Ayo, Abba Moro, among others? For corruption when it was glaring of what is happening in the land
We need a change, we need someone who will be able to bring the country back to where it is supposed to be in the comity of nations where every Nigerian will be proud of the country, Nigeria used to be known and respected globally as the giant of Africa but today, the country is regarded as one of the most corrupt nations in the world and our military which used to be our hope of defence in the event of any external aggression has suddenly turned into a mere military.
In every election, it is the duty of Independence National Electoral Commission (INEC) to evaluate on the past elections and to see where there were lapses so as to see if it can make amends and improve on the subsequent elections. Nigerians were always happy to commend INEC for every improvement made most especially in 2011 general elections. Hence, in this 2015 general elections, INEC has come up with the introduction of card readers as a way of trying to see if it can eliminate rigging through voting by proxy thereby trying to discourage politicians buying of PVCs. But surprisely, instead of us to embrace the idea, some politicians are kicking against it to prevent being detected during the use of the card reader as it has alleged that they have perfected their plans of rigging the elections.
As we await March 28 for the presidential and national assembly elections we should also insist on the use of the newly introduced card reader as it will further improve elections process in the country so that one day we will get to near perfection.
We cried to God for change in Edo state and God answered us and we are all living witnesses to the infrastructural development that have taken place. Let us all embrace the change in the forthcoming general elections.

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