Nollywood actor, Deinso Ifeanyi Odukwe, is an actor that has earned respect for himself since he joined the motion picture world at the age of six, and now, at 33, he is still not satisfied with the way things are in the industry at the moment.
According to Odukwe, most actors in Nollywood do not understand or want to change their style of acting probably because of fear of the unknown.
The actor, in an interview recently, showered praises on prominent filmmaker and director, Lancelot Imasuen, who he said tutored him on how to be a better script-interpreter. Odukwe said Lancelot explained to him that a large percentage of every character an actor plays actually lives in him.
In his words, “Even if you are asked to play the role of an armed robber, when you search deeply, you will realise that you had at some point in your life tinkered with the idea of stealing, or of even becoming that character.
“It is this image or the subconscious image of an armed robber that would carry you through that role till the end.”
He slammed veteran actor, Pete Edochie for being stereotyped.
“In the last 16 years, Pete (Edochie) has been acting as the same person. The same Pete on stage is still same Pete off stage no matter the role. He does not transform. His beard never goes down. His mien is the name.
“This is not the stuff of acting. An actor should easily become whoever he wishes to become. If I get a script to become you tomorrow, I should do a better job of becoming you, or even a better you. That is the point,” he said.
He added that, “He (Pete) is admired because of his role in ‘Things Fall Apart’ and because he became popular in Nollywood when the industry was growing, when he played the king roles and sometimes the villain roles. I am not saying he is not a good actor. I am saying he has refused to become a better actor over the years. He has refused to change.”