IN response to Obasanjo’s assessment of President Jonathan’s performers as below average. President Jonathan came out to say he is the best leader ever in the history of Nigeria.
What a ridiculous self appraisal? What a flamboyant self written report card? What a laughable self rating? What a well articulated self defence? What a spurious self promoting pass marks? It all amounted to nothing but the usual antics that has become a characteristic of the Jonathan led federal government. For President Jonathan to describe himself as the best is a joke taken too far.
Mr. President you are being deceived by those around you like Ngozi and Rubben and all others who are shouting hosanna in the highest, tomorrow they will say crucify him. They are all after what they can get or are getting from your administration. You are presiding over the worst government in Nigeria and still claim to be the best. You are quick to take the glory when it is good and shift blame when it is bad. For all the too many evil things in the country you either blame the opposition or the masses. You are Mr. ‘Innocent’, you don’t take responsibility. You have proven to be the worst President in Nigeria. This may sound too harsh but it is the naked truth.
I wonder where you got the courage to describe yourself as the best when all open evidences suggests the contrary. The only reason may be that you are very far from the poor Nigerians who are most hit by your mal-administration. You are only close to those self-serving party loyalists who wants you in office forever because you have created an avenue for them to steal and intimidate others with impunity. I want to assess you on some key issues.
ECONOMY — Forget about the figures the finance minister is manufacturing, she is using Nigeria as a stepping stone to actualize her dream of being the World Bank President. Now that she is failing due to the wide corruption promoted by your government she is covering up with those figures to prove that she is managing our economy well. Our economy is near collapse. The gap between the rich and the poor is getting wider. There is economic hardship as never before, the naira is loosing its value. Most Nigerians a hungry, angry and frustrated.
INSECURITY — You and your party are quick to link insurgence with the opposition, what of kidnapping, militancy, Armed Robbery, oil theft, internet fraud, ritual killings, political assassination, human trafficking, public treasurely looting that has become rampant since you came on board, can you link them with the opposition also. Mr. President you are the worst commander in chief of the armed forces in Nigeria. Is it the opposition that prevented you from providing our force men with training and equipment? Is it the opposition that prevented you from boosting the morale of our soldiers at war with Boko Haram? Under your leadership the world acclaimed brave Nigerian soldiers are running away from Boko Haram because you refused to give them equipment and money to fight. All we now hear is military mutiny and sentencing of soldiers to death. Will you blame the opposition for that? You got it wrong when you convinced yourself that insurgence is targeted at preventing you from contesting in 2015 because of this you initially folded your hands and watch thousands of innocent lives being cut short in Nigeria. While lives were destroyed and school girls being abducted you were busy dancing and drinking because Shakarau defected to your party. This singular act can’t describe you as the best but the most insensitive. Remember a militant prevented you from visiting Delta State, yet you claim to be the best instead of the weakest.
RULE OF LAW — In your tenure, impunity has replaced the rule of law and due process. We are now in a situation where might determines what is right or wrong. What is left for our force men to do now is to formally register as a card carrying member of your party. They no longer hide the fact that they are supporters and sympathizers of your party. Whether you are the one directly behind all the impunity going on in the country or not, the fact that you have said or done nothing to stop it shows that you are in support of it. That can’t make you the best. You and your party have redefined Maths and English. You have told us that 16 is greater than 19 by claiming victory for governor Jang who got 16 votes as against Amechi’s 19. In Rivers 5 PDP out of 32 lawmakers sat and pronounced the speaker impeached, meaning 5 is greater than 27. In Edo 9 PDP out of 24 lawmakers pronounced the speaker impeached and are now holding a parallel assembly, meaning 9 is greater than 15. In Ekiti 7 PDP lawmakers out of 26 sat and pronounced the speaker impeached, meaning 7 is greater than 19. All these they do with the full backing of the federal government controlled police. Proud of what you people have done at the state levels you extended it to the National Assembly to unseat the speaker with few PDP members and the Police. Worst of all is the attack on Judges and the disruption of court processes which did not happen even under military. In English you said looting of public treasury is not corruption but mere stealing and as such your government is not corrupt but made up of thieves. You are presiding over a government that is desperate to eliminate the opposition, judiciary and the legislature. And these are the core segments of democracy.
CORRUPTION — in words, action and inaction you have promoted corruption beyond human imagination. Your government is now a safe haven for corrupt men and women. You have turned your party’s symbolic umbrella to a cover for corrupt men and women. Those facing corruption changes are covered from justice.
Those already convicted are pardoned and covered. Kerosine subsidy saga, NNPC unremitted funds, police pension fund drama, private jet and arms purchase saga, Nl0bn jet hiring, extradiction, trial and discharge of a suspected bomber, these and many more are negative testimonies of your so-called fight against corruption.
People keep blaming your advisers claiming you are a good man with bad advisers. I beg to disagree. If it is true that you have bad advisers, I would blame you for lacking the wisdom to identify a bad adviser in the first place. Secondly for also lacking in wisdom to differentiate between a good and bad advise. Afteral you chose them yourself. Are they telling me that you don’t have the brain to think and take decisions on your own?
Let me refresh your memory. When some forces wanted to prevent you from ruling, Nigerians fought. We did not fight because we love you as a person. May be this is another point where you are getting it wrong. We fought because we love the rule of law, due process and our constitution, we defended it. Now that you have turned yourself into the force that is fighting the rule of law, due process and our constitution, we will fight to protect our constitution and that means fighting you, the best way to fight you is with our votes come 2015.
You are unarguably the most favoured and tolerated President in Nigeria. But with the way you handle the fight against corruption, insecurity, unemployment, impunity and economic hardship. You have exhausted our tolerance, you have taken us to more troubled waters. You are leading us to anarchy with the way you are using security men and agencies against the opposition. You have declared total war on the people. Allowing you to continue beyond 2015 will spell doom for all of us.

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