ABUJA –  Mr Panaf Olakanmi, the Rector of Pan-African Institute of Paralegal Studies, Dawaki Abuja, has attributed the diminishing family values in the country to desperate crave for money.
Olakanmi told newsmen in Abuja, that even those who ought to know were also guilty of not promoting family values.
“It is sadden to know that those who are supposed to be talking about family values are the ones with disorganised and disoriented families.
“ This is because the pursuit of money and crave for material things have taken precedence in our lives.
“ M––any of our women have become desperate in the pursuit of material things and are ready to do terrible things just to be relevant in the society.
“ In the process, they get violent in an attempt to get some of these things; some embark on using their spouse or children for money ritual.
Olakanmi said violence in homes was not a question of an individual’s educational standard, neither was it a case of professionalism, it was all about the individual’s disposition.
“Many of the olden days’ parents were not educated yet they were able to maintain good homes without violence in their homes.
“Throughout the period I was growing up, I never saw my father beating my mother, even though, they argued on issues.
“ It is embarrassing to know that those who are supposed to be marriage counselors are now the ones being counseled on marital issues,’’ he said.
He said it was the level of battering in homes that would determine how the court would prescribe punishment.
“The court is always very reluctant to handle relationship cases where children exist between both parts.
“This is because of the trauma that can affect the children in situations where their fathers or mothers are jailed.
“ In other words, the court tries to settle both parties rather than pronounce them divorced.