LAGOS – Dr Femi Aderinsoye, an Agricultural Scientist, yesterday attributed low yield in the production of Nigerian farmers to diseases plaguing their crops.
He told newsmen in Lagos that the farmers could not afford basic disease control mechanisms that could save their produce from being destroyed by diseases.
“Crop and livestock protection measures that are cheap, simple, cost-effective and sustainable are not within the reach of small-scale farmers.
“This is a huge setback for the agricultural sector because 80 per cent of farmers in this country operate on small and medium scale farming,’’ he said.
According to him, crop and livestock farming will not be profitable and sustainable without a well structured disease control system, from which farmers at all levels can benefit.
He appealed to the government to provide aids to farmers, in order to assist them in the control of diseases that are preventing high yields.
“Disease control strategies, including the use of resistant chemicals, biological, botanicals, cultural and physical controls, will go a long way in yielding profitable returns for farmers.