AFTER winning the Star Quest music talent competition in 2002 with the defunct two-man group, KCee Fresh, the group walked into fame and fortune. They also released hit tracks that shook the music industry in the country to its foundation.
However, the group crashed and its members pursued their solo careers. Since they parted ways, KCee seems to have enjoyed more popularity than fresh.
In this interview with HipTV, KCee revealed that he once started music as a rapper, before meeting former group half, fresh and the support Five Star Music record label is giving him.
On his background in music
“When I was in the ghetto in Ajegunje (Lagos), my father was a DJ. I used to listen to a lot of songs, I used to sell records for him. Also, I was doing rap and singing in high school. From there, I joined the choir and that was where I met my former music partner, Fresh and we started the group. Before then, I had a series of group that I joined; Boybands and stuffs.
“I ended up coming out and up professionally with fresh. That was how we started from the church. From the church, we won the Star Quest in 2002 and that was the beginning of fame for me, the climb to the top.”
On the support of E-Money and Five Star Music
“Five Star Music is owned by my brother, E-Money. If you hear our (Me, Harrysong, Skibi) songs, we all say ‘E-Money, Five Star Music’. So he is the owner of Five Star Music and I’m the Vice President. Actually, he used to manage the group, ‘KCee Fresh’. Then we went our separate ways. I said I wanted to do my thing and he was there to support the movement. He is my brother and was going to support.
“We came up with a name because we wanted to give it a class because we have a vision and taste. We thought of the name ‘Five Star’ and when you hear that, you would think of a five star hotel and when you think of the record label, we want you to think of something classy and big.
On his album release
“If I want to drop an album, I can. I have a lot of song recorded but I am not in a hurry and I am not under any pressure. Watch out for my album when I drop it, tomorrow or anytime.