Valentine culture is en-cultured of the ancient culture on whose day, 14 February, the birds were fabled to choose their mates; a person chosen by lot, the first of the other sex seen that day assigned in mock betrothal, but the Valentine Culture forbids all impurity, with another wife or husband, immodest plays and dances.
Human beings learn their cultures through socialization process; and en culturation teaches individuals to perceive reality according to established patterns.
World travels are agents of change, have to address the religious core of culture, hence, people belonging to different cultures are able to communicate with and borrow from one another.
More-over, there is common factor in human nature, common mental structures and common symbolic forms based on body symbolism.
The custom of sending valentine’s little note, billet, paper, letter on February 14, is the rival of an ancient pagan practice, which consisted in boys drawing the names of girls in honour of their goddess Februata.
Juno on February 15.
Saint Valentine was born into the pagan practices. He was educated, trained and ordained Roman Catholic priest. Valentine which mean healthy, suffered martyrdom.
To abolish this practice, names were substituted on billets or on paper. In the ancient tradition, it was difficult to express openly, a young person at heart, but this expression of boys drawing lots for lovers or mentioning the girls in their heart could be considered opening on the Feast of Februata Juno.
Februata Juno is the Roman goddess for expiation, done away with, make complete atonement, reparation, reconcile, make satisfaction, atone, appease and make up for deficiencies.
In Roman mythology; Juno is the wife of Jupiter, identified with the Greek god-Hera, special protectress of marriage and guardian of women from birth to death.
Juno in Christology is Queen of heaven, beautiful woman, queenly. She is the wife of Jupiter, the chief god parallel of the Greek Zeus. Jupiter replaced the father-cronos as king of gods, while Neptune — Olokun or Poseidon is the king of the Ocean — Sea — (Okun) brother of Zeus.
Apollo, son of Zeus is the god of music, the art, medicine and prophecy, while Aphrodite, Venus is goddess of Love and beauty.
Jupiter is Zeus in Greek, full of jollily and geniality, pertaining to marriage and generation, Mars-god of War is son of Zeus, Lover of Aphrodite.
Valentine substituted the names to honour the great God; a paper decorative note, a greeting Card, a little note, a paper or letter could mean much for those in Love day.
The months were arranged to specific festival. Januarius, January, the first month of the year is sacred to Janus, the ancient god of doors (Ihekhu), whose temple was closed in time of peace.
Februarius, February, the second month of the year is the month of expiation, Februa, the feast of expiation revived the custom of allowing boys and girls to choose partners in attractive favour in a holy wedlock also by sending bouquet of flowers, billet to Love ones.
Mars — March until 1752A.D., the year began on 25 March. Mars Son of Zeus, Lover of Aphrodite and of war became the third month of the year.
April became the fourth month of the year, spring goddess. The observance of May Day customs, that of the morning of the first day of May, said to whiten linen and beautify faces. A young woman is crowned with flowers as queen on May Day and May pole is erected for dancing round on May Day, as nowadays given to sports and to socialist and labour demonstrations. May is sacred to Maia, mother of mercury.
Juno-June, the wife of Jupiter, identified with Hera, special protectress of marriage and guardian of Women from birth to death.
June, queen of Heaven is a queenly woman in the feast of Februata Juno.
Jupiter-July the seventh month dedicated after Juno, the Queenly wife of Jupiter.
The custom of sending valentine sweet heart message is the revival of the ancient practice of boys courting and mentioning the names of girls in honour of the goddess Februata Juno.
The gods were recognized in model culture, full of jollity, genial Love which has changed the custom to Love of God, agape feast for all throughout the world.
Valentine is now used indifferently for both sex genders. His Feast day February 14, almost coincided with the Festival of Juno Februata February 15, and the custom of drawing lots for Lovers was transferred from the pagan to Christian Festival, amusement of immodest plays, dances and songs transformed, also immoral dresses.
The solemnity of February 14, in honour of the great saint, abolish the heathens, pagans, Lewd, Ignorant, un-chase, superstitious customs of chosen as sweet heart, or gift sent to Love ones, not by lot according to custom on that day assigned in mock betrothal where the birds were fabled to choose their mates but in valentine culture.