Goal can authoritatively report that only N1, 242, 523, 749 has been allocated to the Nigeria Football Federation for the 2015 Budget despite the fact that the federation expected triple that amount to be able to run their affairs including attending the 2015 Fifa Women’s World Cup.
The country’s youth teams would also be participating at the Fifa World Cups, with the U17 side having already secured a ticket while the U20 side is in the process of securing a slot in Senegal.
The overall estimated budget for sports in the country was supposed to be at least N10 billion total sum but only N6, 664, 642, 867 was given to sports this year while the National Sports Commission got the largest share of N4, 942, 634 and the Nigeria Institute for Sports got a paltry N479, 489, 038.
The NFF while reacting on the Budget stated that it has loaded assignment this year.
“2015 is fully packed with so many tournaments and qualifiers. Our Super Eagles will be taking part in both the Nations Cup and the World Cup qualifications just as the other national teams are expected to take part in other qualifying matches and competitions,” said an official.
The NFF, NSC and NIS are expected back at the National Assembly on Monday as the Senate Committee and the House Committee on Sports have asked the three sports bodies to re-appear before them after the adjustments of their 2015 proposal to align with the total sports allocation already captured in the Budget allocation which was submitted earlier to the National Assembly this year.