Marriage according to the dictionary definition, is the state or relationship of being husband and wife. It is also the act or legal contract of becoming husband and wife. A joining together, a union.
Marriage is the relationship that involves two opposite sex that have agreed on the terms to be recognised and known as husband and wife.
Marriage can be regarded as a union, and this union is made possible by different means like vows, promises. These vows could be taken in a ritual form and backed by religions laws and ethics.
Marriage is one things that was created by God and it is therefore sacred and should be taken very serious.
Career on the other hand is one’s professional life. It is therefore a total life circle that involves professionalism, a way and standard of managing one’s attitude towards sustaining economic security, in order to succeed in our daily activities.
Career and marriage is the two things most people find difficult to combine successfully. It is understandable that managing career and relationship can be a daunting task if you don’t know how to manage the two critical areas of life. Both of them are important because without a career which means no job, there’ll be no money, and you can’t do things you want on your own except relying on others and without a lovely marriage, it is assumed you are living in a slave land or probably isolated land, you may have all the promotion at work, have all the money but nobody to share your success with when you are back home.
Time waits for no man as the saying goes, you will need to develop the habit of staying together and longer with your family to bring in the needed closeness and intimacy and take the issue of your relationship, marriage and family first before any other thing.
Unfortunately, for many couples everything else comes first (their jobs, their career, their friends, social events, volunteer work, working long hours to acquire wealth, everything) therefore they have their values and priorities way out of balance.
The key to finding balance in your relationship, marriage and career is to make your relationship a high priority and get help if needed from marriage counselors. If you make your relationship a high priority, you will find the success in this area spread over to other areas of life like your career and every other thing.
It is recommended that you stay with your partner for at least 12 hours per week without watching TV, or playing of games that will take your attention away from him or her; no  other side distraction, it must be you and your partner.
If your work is getting much of your time, plan it in such a way that throughout the weekend you will be available at home with your family.
Do not mix work and family together. Try to allocate your time well, for work and for the family too. Your work worries should not intrude the time when you are at home. This should also be followed at work, family and other matters should not disturb you, unless urgent. But in some families, a lot of people tend to mix up their work worries with their family issues by bringing home the problems they encounter at work and neglecting the problem at home.
Try to spend as much time with kids and take them out once in a while and let them know you are there as a friend and a support. Unlike some families today, a lot of parents as long as they buy what the kids want and send them to school, they feel that the kids are fine and the most dangerous part of it is getting a house help to look after them; someone they don’t know anything about. They don’t create chance or spend time with their kids and this is why they learn or do things they are not suppose to do like smoking, fornicating etc.
If perhaps you get early into your career before marriage and you are the boss, you can transfer your skills, those characters that make you successful in your career into your marriage, skills; like time management, scheduling and other good ones but don’t carry home the controlling character as a boss in your home, that will ruin what you are trying to build. In our society today, a lot of people do this in their homes by bringing their titles at work to their various homes. Just because they are the boss in their working place, they will want to bring home those characters without knowing that they are ruining their marriages.
Family always comes first and with the necessary support, balancing life will not be tough. Learn to appreciate life the way it comes. Do not forge your life with regrets, you may miss the happiness that is in store. Some family so much place high value on their work that they tend to miss the real part which is the family that made you who you are today. You being a boss in your office was not done magically but by the support and with the consistent help of the family.
So why do you want to get to the top and shun the ladder and the people that helped you reached the top. A home that comprises of father, mother, and children should always be at peace when things that bothers our mind about our jobs are kept away from home, unless it can be related to our partner who tends to be understandable and reasonable.
There are many homes where money and career come first because these families think that it is only their money or the career that can maintain and sustain them. If things are not carefully checked, we might be placing high values and prefrences to the jobs  we have than we should. The truth is that you have got only one family but you can get millions of jobs everywhere that will suite you more than the previous jobs.
A parable says; “a bird at hand is worth more than a million in the bush.” You can not neglect what you have now just because you have signed with one company or the other. Wife, your husband should be more respected and attended to than your boss or the job at your office, because your boss can be more than one but no reasonable woman would like to marry more than one husband. Pride would not allow her to do such. Same applies with the man. The husband should learn how to love and appreciate his wife more than his boss who may be a lady. So there should be set rules and regulations that will forbid the actions taken by some partners who will exalt their work much more than wives.
Career can die anytime when some unexpected things happens, but family will always be with you to the end, because blood is thicker than water, oh yes, there is nothing to compare with family which is meant to be enjoyed. Man need to take care of the family’s need.

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