SOME residents of FCT have lent their voices in support of polygamy as the best form of marriage, while calling for a legislation to protect those who practice it in the society.
They made this known in separate interviews with newsmen in Abuja.
They said that monogamy was a western propaganda against the African culture to jettison the very important aspect of the culture.
Mr. Fred Asagboma, a sociologist with National Museum and Monuments, said that polygamy should be encouraged and called for a legislation to protect those practicing it.
He said that the issue of polygamy was between the classical and religious worlds.
“Both worlds are at each other’s throat today. In Christianity, Judaism and Islamic religion, what is common to their holy books is a subtle endorsement of polygamy.
“The only man referred to as the friend of God and a man after God’s own heart in the holy Bible was a polygamist that is King David.
“In the westernized society, they marry same gender all in the name of freedom and rights. This smacks of hypocrisy that polygamists will be denied equal rights as the homosexual couples,’’ he said.
Another resident, Mr. Olumide Olugbami, a civil servant, who lent his voice in favour of polygamy said the definition of the word had been contrived to suit the wishes of the white man.
“Given the history of world civilization and conquests, it is the domineering race that gets to define the standards of public morality.