BENIN CITY –  We of the Edo Solidarity Initiative hereby condemn in the strongest terms the recent political advertorial casting aspersion on the  leadership and people of the Benin nation, being aired in the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) and Independent Television (ITV) both in Benin City, by one Mr. Mathew Aisagbonriodion Urhoghide.
We consider this advert an insult on the individual and collective integrity of the Benin’s and demand that the media stations and Mr. Mathew Urhoghide should stop the broadcast of this advert immediately.
We insist that the Benin’s are a right thinking people with the highest sense of judgment. Therefore, they know who to vote for and that nobody should cajole us or weep up sentiments of any sort to get the support of the Benin’s, not even his or her tribal affiliation to the Benin nation.
We advise Mr. Aisagbonriodion  Urhoghide to concern himself with better and more acceptable advertisement strategies to achieve his political ambition rather than negative approaches that reveal him as a drowning man.
The Benin’s knows that it is the person who collaborates with the Oba in ensuring the development of the kingdom that is the friend of the Oba. And that whoever is the friend of the Oba; he also is the friend of the Benin’s.
Mr. Mathew Aisagbonriodion Urhoghide should know that Edo people have shined their eyes now and that they know the difference in the state of infrastructures and the delivering of the dividends of democracy, since the emergence of the Adams Oshiomhole led administration and the ten (10) years of PDP rule in Edo state.
The Edo Solidarity Initiative being a sociopolitical group, also restate our undiluted loyalty to the Comrade Governor, Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole as leader of our party the APC, the Deputy Governor, Rt. Hon. Pius Egberanmwen Odubu, PHD, and the leadership of the APC in Edo state.