OWERR I- The All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential candidate, General Mohammadu Buhari said he is on a mission to restore Nigeria from the hands of corrupt leaders who have ruined the nation.
Buhari who stated this during the APC Progressives Governors Session held at the Owerri, Imo state, said it will be disastrous for the country if the people allow PDP to rule Nigeria for another four years .
The APC presidential candidate said that this is a critical time in the history of Nigeria as the next election will determine the future of Nigeria.
He urged Nigerians to vote out the PDP .so as to enable the APC government to commence the restoration of the nation’s socio-economic super structures that have been destroyed by the corrupt PDP cabal.
Buhari added that corruption and insecurity were the major problems shaking the fabric of the nation, noting that if he becomes the president of the country, an emergency zero-tolerance will be declared on corruption and insecurity.
The APC Presidential candidate further asserted that the PDP has completely ruined the country for the past 16 years, describing PDP as a complete failure having put the nation into economic, social and political quagmire.
While calling on Nigerians to take part in the polls, Buhari said: “The Igbo nation has been absolutely neglected for the past 16 years by the PDP. We must not allow PDP to rule this country for 20 years. If we do that, it will be very disastrous for the country. We are here to restore this nation. So, all of us must collectively vote PDP out of government in this election.
Also Speaking at the occasion, the Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha, called on all Ndigbo nation and Nigerians in general to support the candidacy of Buhari, saying that APC is set to build bridges across the nation.
Okorocha noted that the Ndigbos have not gained anything from the ruling party for the past 16 years. He said all hands must be on deck to stop PDP from occupying the number one seat in the country. According to him, the Ibos have been supporting past Presidents that have ruled the country, but lamented that nobody has ever supported them in their quest of becoming the president of the country.
Former Governor of Anambra State, Dr. Ogbonaya Oji, who also spoke at the occasion, cautioned Nigerian to make the rights decision and vote out PDP from Government, noting that this election will determine if Nigerians needed change or not.
He appealed to Nigerians to stand up and vote for Buhari whom, he said, was a disciplined man that will stamp out corruption from the country.
Also speaking at the occasion, Lagos state Governor, Babatunde Fashola called on the people of South East to cast their votes for Buhari, stressing that this year’s election will serve as a referendum on the performance of President Jonathan.

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