Over 1000 members of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP in Igueben Local Government Area including the former Local Government Transition Committee Chairman, Hon. Tom Adodo have thrown their support for the administration of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole as they formally dumped  the Peoples Democratic Party for the All Progressive Congress, APC in the state.
Igueben is hometown of PDP chieftain, Chief Tom Ikimi.
Addressing the Governor and chieftains of the APC at Government House yesterday, Elder Tom Adodo, former Transition Committee Chairman said, “Today, many of us that are here are from Ward 1 to 10 in Igueben Local Government. We are here to pledge and affirm our support to the Comrade Governor because it is only a foolish man that will not see the developmental strides of the governor in Edo State in the past 6years.
He said, “For so many years, PDP administration brought decay to our infrastructures, we have seen decay even in our moral lives and for the 6 years and three months of the Comrade Governor, we have seen transformation in Edo State and so we are here to pledge our loyalty to the government that have done so much for the people of Edo State.
He assured the governor of their total support in to repeate the 2012 18/18 election success in all the local government areas in the state.
Also, a former youth leader, PDP Ward 6, Otoide Precious thanked the Governor for his good works in the state.
He said, “I will like to thank you Mr. Governor for the good work you have been doing for Edo State, we have been missing out. I am not here to criticize or to advertise but am here to tell you the major truth but I believe that in time to come, you will be the President of this great country. When I enter Benin City, I was amazed at the way things have turned around. What PDP could not do in  16 years, just one man, one government has come to turn things around.
“Is this not enough for us to leave PDP and join APC? Is this not enough reason for us to know that APC is the light of the country? We believe that the APC Presidential candidate will be better than the present President. That is why we mobilize ourselves to tell the world that there is need to dump PDP and join forces with the APC.
On his part, Mr. Aligbe said, “It is in this administration of Comrade Oshiomhole that Igueben people have been enjoying good roads, infrastructural development and every school now wear red roofs. From Igueben to Udo which used to be 1hr driving now is now 20minutes and several okther on-going projects.
PDP leaders have been pressurizing us to stay in the party that good things will soon start happening. I have waited for long yet no change so today, I and my followers from Ward 3 have decided to tear the umbrella and join APC
In his remarks, Governor Adams Oshiomhole said, “I am delighted and overwhelmed with joy seeing the crowd of supporters here today. Just like the last speaker expressed surprise at the Igueben-Ugoneki road which connects Igueben Local Government with Uhumwode Local Government, you can see the way our state is connected from one local government area to another and with that road, it has become shorter to get to Igueben. Many roads connecting Igueben have been fixed and there are more roads to be done.
“This is why we need to continue on the race because we are yet to arrive at the destination. The journey continues.”
Governor Oshiomhole while reaffirming one of the defectors position said, “Today in everywhere in Edo including Igueben there is darkness. Do we have light? If there is no light, do you want darkness to continue? As you tune on your radio and you hear that there is bomb blast here and there, killing everywhere, soldiers arresting people and insecurity everywhere, do you want these to continue? In 1999 before PDP took over power, was there anything called Boko Haram? Kidnapping?
Continuing Oshiomhole said, “There is corruption everywhere. One man having several private jets yet has no business address, no instruments of work apart from the pen using in siphoning public funds. You do not work, you steal and that is corruption.
“You will recall that when I came to Igueben last time, I made mention of the fact that Federal Government in Abuja supply kerosene to you at 50naira but at the various Filling Stations, kerosene is sold for more than 150naira which means when a poor woman buy kerosene for 150naira, PDP defrauds her of 100naira.
He said, “In 1999 when PDP took over power, one dollar was equivalent to 70naira but today, the naira has been devalued to the extent that one dollar is now equivalent to 230naira. The implication of this is that prices of goods have skyrocketed because PDP have devalued the naira.
“In Esanland, it is on their paper in Federal Ministry of Water Resources that they have given Esan people water to the tune of 2.3billion naira. Is there water in Esanland? In Igueben, if not for the State Government effort in providing boreholes, even the PDP leader there had no water but PDP say Esan People have water. Do you want to continue with these kind of lies?
Oshiomhole said “APC government will change the nation from darkness to light, insecurity to security, corruption to transparency and accountability. Everything evil that was unheard of before 1999 has now become the order of the day. Should we not change? Should we continue to pay electricity fixed charges bills when there is no light? Change is imperative.
He said, “March 28th and April 11th, there is no fight at all. When they are preparing for fight, we are preparing for votes. If our brother cannot protect us and a foreigner can do it, what else do we need? Is it not the one who can protect that we will go for? Nigerians go to Dubai because it is a place where things work. When you enter Dubai, does the leader care whether you are a Christian or Muslim? Since they couldn’t provide the basic infrastructures, they must leave.
He wondered why some religious leaders under the guise of religious sentiments preaching the gospel of divide and rule saying what should matter to the average Nigerian is who has the capacity to restore the integrity and dignity of the Nigeria nation.
According to him, “When Kidnappers wants to kidnap, do they ask who is a Christian or Muslim? In Igueben, when there is hunger, does it matter whether you are a Christian or a Muslim? The road you drove on today, Ugoneki road, did it ask you if you are a Christian or a Muslim? So this matter is not about religion, it is not about tribalism. Anyone who has the capacity to put food on your table is your father and he who kills you is your enemy.
Oshiomhole therefore called on the defectors to shine their eyes, collect their Permanent Voters Card and vote wisely in the March 28th and April 11th General Elections maintaining that the only party that can effect change is the All Progressive Congress.
He urged the people to vote General Muhammadu Buhari and all APC candidates from the Senate through the House of Representatives to the House of Assembly.

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