BAUCHI –  The National Institute of Public Relations (NIPR), Bauchi Chapter, has cautioned politicians and other stakeholders against interfering with the electoral process.
The state Chairman of NIPR, Malam Hassan Hassan, told newsmen in Bauchi, that rigging could trigger violence in the country.
Hassan said that with the current level of political awareness in the country, anyone found to be involved in any form of rigging should be considered an enemy of the public.
“You know the disposition of Nigerians against rigging. Nobody will want anyone to be associated with rigging.
“If there is, remember that those who are going to be targeted now are not the poor masses; those who are participants in the rigging process will not have a place in our society, because they will appear to be the number one enemies of the public.
“The best security for every one of us is to make sure that we do not interfere with the electoral process.
“It is in the interest of every Nigerian to make sure that whatever happens, whatever the case, whatever the result is, we should not lose our senses.
“If you have problem with the government, the governor or the president or the INEC, INEC are not the people. Those you are killing on the streets are not responsible for your predicament.
“Know where you will take your grudges and I think that understanding is shared across every nook and cranny of this country.“
He, however, expressed optimism that the elections would be violent free as long as the outcome of the election tallied with the expectations of the people.
“If you understand the heartbeat of the country now, you will find that across cultures, across values and across societies and ethnic groups, you will find people responsibly understanding.
“Responsibly talking about the true problems of this country and the truthful way we can change them.
“And I think for that reason, because people don’t disagree over the issues, people may not disagree over the outcome of the election, except if that outcome is against the majority of the people across the board.“