Fans have been urging them to date so this questions were bound to come up sooner or later.
The hunky handsome Ghanaian actor, John Dumelo has opened up on his relationship with Yvonne Nelson.
He told the Nigerian Tribune: –
The truth is that Yvonne and I have been good friends for a long time. Apart from the fact that we are colleagues who take our jobs seriously, we also look out for ourselves like good friends do. I think by now, you should know that we are very good friends. She has come out to deny the rumor several times, so let’s move to the next questions…
So you think things cannot work between you two like she has said?
As I said, she’s been a fantastic friend over the years and a lot of people think that we should date…like she rightly said I don’t think it will last.
Do you have a girl friend?
Yes, I have one.
Can you mention her name?
I’m dating. I will not tell you who the person is. If I mention name, trouble go come ooo.
At what age do you think you would settle down with her?
I believe there is time for everything and I am very confident that time will come when it will come. So, I can only say that I will settle down when it feels right. I am a man who likes to plan before venturing into anything, right now I am concentrating on my career, at the right time, I will settle down. I guess that’s what everybody wants to say or hear now.
Are you pressured to get married?
I think the pressure to get or not to get married comes with age. All will happen in due season. Sometimes, the thought of getting married scares me. The divorce rate these days are just crazy. What’s wrong? People marry for the wrong reasons?.
Can you ever cheat on your wife?
I am not married yet, so I can’t tell you what married men do behind their wives. All I can I say is that I am still single and I hope to get married one day to a beautiful woman and start a beautiful home together. I am still single; when I am married you can ask me this question.
You are a s*x symbol, somehow. Do you engage in it often?
Hmmm as for this question…I am thinking…