Karim Benzema believes the fans at Real Madrid are very unfair on him when the team loses.
The Frenchman believes his every move comes under scrutiny at the Santiago Bernabeu and he is not allowed to make mistakes.
“That’s what you sign up for when you come to Madrid and I’m not allowed fail during a match, not even with a pass,” insisted Benzema in an interview with Bein Sports.
“At first it was hard but when you gain experience you start to get used to it. If affects my family more because they are my biggest supporters. They watch and read everything.
“I don’t need the Press to tell me if I’ve played well or not. There are people who are allowed to comment that don’t know anything about football because they’ve never played the game, but that’s the life of a footballer.”
Benzema also spoke about critics who say he is sometimes lazy on the pitch and not prepared to make sacrifices.
“You need to spend a week here to realise what I do. I’m the first to arrive and the last to leave.
“I also work at home with a machine that allows me to gain more muscle and more strength. It doesn’t mean I’m going to score more goals but it’s important for my physique.
“I don’t need to hear from elsewhere that I am a great player. I know what I’m worth and I work towards that.
“I’m now in my sixth season with Madrid and if I was just a player like any other then [President] Florentino [Perez] would not treat me as a son,” he maintained.