GOVERNOR Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State has assured Edo people that his government will continue to work to sustain the present development taking place in all parts of the state.
The Governor gave this assurance in Benin City yesterday while inspecting some on-going projects in Benin metropolis including the Ultra Modern Central Hospital, Boundary Road, Adesuwa Road, St Savior Road, and Upper Siluko Road.
Governor Oshiomhole speaking at the project site at St Savior said, “Am sure in the next 1 to 3 weeks, this road will be tarred with asphalt.  We are here to inspect the construction of St Savior Road, we understand the road has been bad for a long time and as you can see the contractors are doing a good job, we are going to ensure that it is properly done, there will be drainage and street light and for a long time we are not going to have problem in this part of the city.
“I know it has been hard but within the next few weeks I am sure they would have started asphalting the road because we want them to do it as quickly as possible before the rains start again. The problem of this city is that for 10years there was no action here and the progress we are making now we want you to support with your vote on March 28.
“By the time you vote for Buhari you are voting for this road. When you vote for Samson Osagie you are voting for this road, when you vote for all our APC candidates you are voting for this road and you are voting for me because we want to sustain what we are doing. We don’t want one step forward, two steps backward”, he said.
At Upper Siluko Road, Oshiomhole addressing residents of the area said”, “As you can see, we are bringing light back. Everything that PDP didn’t do we are trying to do and we are going to do more. You will remember some months ago when I passed here the road was not accessible and I promised you that the road will be fixed. I am sure you can see it now. By the grace of God, before the next raining season, they would have gone far with this road, we will finish it and put street light and this place will be as beautiful as Airport Road.
“Thank you for all your support. You have to vote for this road by voting APC because we want Nigeria to make progress. As you can see in the past, PDP said this road was not possible. They said mami water resides here and now you can see that we have done the road and there is no mami water anywhere.
Oshiomhole continued, “We will do more work for our people and this coming election is very important for me because if my party doesn’t win, PDP will spoil what we have done so we must win to sustain and continue the progress we are making so far.
“We are taking this road all the way to Channel 55 Junction so that all the people living in this area, the difficulty you have had coming to the city is now going to be a thing of the past. I am sure you know the job has already reached about a 100meters so they will take it all the way to Channel 55 and when we have finished it we will extend Street light.
“We believe and we know that our people deserve the best because you have continued to support me and my party over the past 6years and we will never let you down. Everything that the other people say is not possible as you have seen we have made them possible so when we say a party of change, we are changing this bad side to good side”, he said.
Earlier at the Benin Central Hospital Project, The Commissioner of Housing and Urban Development Architect Francis Evbuowman said, “Right here we are in front of the 200 beds Accident and Emergency building and as you can see we are beginning to draw the curtains of the project, we are concluding work on the project. Some of our façade is already in place and we are already doing finishing work inside and we have the assurance of the contractor that in the next 4-6 weeks, this Accident and Emergency building should be ready for handover to the equipment provider to install the needed equipment.
“The other building will be completed in another 4 to 5 months. The area that we had some unfortunate incidence was completely removed and totally rebuilt and is at the final level.
Also the Commissioner of Health, Mrs. Eregie Aihanuwa said, “This is a project we are quite proud of. We are proud of what we have achieved so far. The finishing work is going on now and we are already working out discussion with the equipment vendors to see how quickly we can put all things together such that as we commission the place it is immediately put to use. There shouldn’t be any gap in terms of equipping the place and starting the official use of this premise”.

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