ABUJA – The police have recovered a large cache of arms from unauthorised individuals following the recent order of the Inspector-General of Police, Mr Suleiman Abba.
The Force spokesman, Mr Emmanuel Ojukwu, disclosed this in an interview with journalists on Monday.
He said that the arms were recovered from some states across the country.
Ojukwu, who did not name the states, said:
“I can tell you authoritatively that in some states, the police have recovered a large cache of arms; some people have returned the arms they are holding to the police.
“I know that Nigerians know it is an offence to be unlawfully in possession of arms, it is a felony, a very serious offence.
“We do not want to demonise any state.
“ Nigerians are law abiding, they are respecting the law and police commands all over the federation are effecting the order given by the I-G.’’
On whether persons from whom the arms were recovered would be prosecuted, Ojukwu explained that the force would investigate the circumstances under which they got them to know what step to take.
“If somebody voluntarily returns his arm, the police have a process. We appeal to people to return the arms because the arms should not be in the hands of non-state actors.
“We will investigate the circumstances under which they got the arms; if we find out that it is a circumstance under which we could charge them, we will do so.
“It is not in everything that you just use the sledge hammer and begin to effect arrest.
“We are asking Nigerians to be law abiding, to value life and where they find out that they have made mistake, they should retrace their step,’’ he said.
On the alleged ban on political rallies in Okrika by the community, Ojukwu stressed that the country’s constitution gives all political actors the right to canvass for votes everywhere.
“I do not believe that there was such an order given by the community. They do not have such right under the law.
“I know that whoever wants to get the vote of the people of Okrika or any part of Nigeria is at liberty to approach the community.
“No court order bars any political party or politicians from contesting or asking for votes from Okrika or any part of Nigeria.
“Once there is no such order, no person has such power to stop a political party or a candidate from seeking for votes from any part of this country,’’ he said.