WITH the invention of the computer and the internet, the possibilities welcome to us are endless. Society is changing by leaps and bounds, with no chance of a stopping point in the near future. All this change is a dealing with computers and the effects that it will have on the way we live tomorrow. The internet affects us in everyway, most importantly with our social lives, our jobs and our entertainment. Our social lives are not just communicating with telephones and mail anymore. Going “on-line” is the new way we like to communicate with people. Chat rooms on the internet are open for people to talk and explore with other, people who may live on the other side of the street. E-mail is also another popular way to correspond with others users can electronically send mail to another person with an online mail box, simply by typing in their message and sending it by the click of a button. Two seconds to send e-mail to someone on the other side of the world is much quicker than a week or more through the ordinary mail. The internet can also affect our jobs. Computers can calculate and figure out things much quicker than the average person. This process can not only save time, but money too. Stock trading is now on the internet, along with banking and any other type of business you could imagine. The world wants things to be quick and easy. The best answer to that is to have a computer do it for you. In the future, hundreds of millions of jobs will be taken away from honest hard-working employees and will be given to computers. No matter what choices we make or what plans we change, these outcomes are going to become real. Why would a businessman pay someone to take phone orders, when a computer can do it in less time and make it both cheaper and easier for the business and buyers? Computers and the internet are definitely affecting the way we entertain ourselves.
The most basic example is card games. If the computer can deal out cards on a screen with the click of a button, why would anyone want to deal out a check of cards manually and have to clean them up afterwards? On the internet, you can gamble with on-line casinos, place bets on a horse race, or even watch movies. People can do all of these activities in the comfort of their own homes. No gas money is wasted or time spent driving around to find entertainment so people are happy. The inevitable outcome of this magnificent invention is going to change the world. Society is happy about the way things are changing. Things are cheaper and better with the choice of having a computer and being on-line, there is almost nothing you cannot do. This remarkable idea of the internet is going to revolutionize the way we live in the future.
Most of us know the pros of having a computer (links us to other parts of the world and provides us with information we use to have to search for at the library e.t.c). These are some of the negative things about the computerized world.
1) Sitting behind a computer all day is hard on the eyes.
2) It  opens up kiddy porn and other immoral things.
3) More crime is committed through the internet
4) Spammers are annoying
5) Hackers can ruin your computer system.
6) More misinformation by some people on the internet can cause problems for the younger generation.
7) More person problems by two people on the internet (never having met) may cause heartbreak or mistrust it’s impossible to know someone well over the internet.
8) Computers can distract a person so much they lose contact with reality around them such as time with family, husband, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends and children.
9) The younger generation would rather communicate through computer (easier) than actually working towards making friends or finding love, the good old fashion way. Thus,  part of the magic of falling in love is lost people breakup in emails rather than facing the persons and as all generations have been taught before we must take responsibility for own actions.
Many people do work on the computer from their home but smart people do so much, than get up, get moving and get into shapes. They spend time with family and friends and limit their time on the computer.
There is new generation coming up where information is at one’s finger tips too easily and then it becomes a personal thing in some people’s lives.
Before one knows it all will be like zombies wondering why no one is relating to them.
While technology is a wonderful thing it is almost likely that it can be used in an immoral or wrong way. There is a price to pay for everything even if it appears it’s making life easier on people.

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